7 Tips To Shake Off The Summer Heat

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These tried-and-true cool-down tips will take some of the edge off the heat this summer.

Summer’s in full swing. Between triple-digit temperatures and off-the-chart humidity, it’s no wonder people hit the beach or escape into the wilderness for the weekend. Keeping cool is the name of the game, so you can forget parking your head in the freezer. These tried-and-true cool-down tips will take some of the edge off the heat this summer.

Install Low-emissivity Windows

South-facing windows are great on a cold winter’s day when you’re chilled to the bone. But in the summer, most of us could do without. Hours of direct sun can dramatically raise energy costs and leave you feeling drained—physically and financially. Low-e windows tackle this problem head-on by reducing the amount of solar energy that enters your home, with a thin coating on the glass that selectively reduces the heat-forming portion of sunlight.

Cotton Bedding

Tossing and turning in sweaty sheets isn’t exactly a starry-eyed, summer notion. Many of us still use synthetic fibres for our bedding, and that’s part of the problem. A natural, breathable fiber like cotton provides much better air circulation and cooling. If your budget allows it, Egyptian cotton is the standard to shoot for.

Throw a Shrimp on the Barbie

Whether you’re cooking a three-course dinner or a pot of mashed potatoes, kitchen ranges are a huge source of heat and humidity. In a poorly ventilated indoor area, adding more heat to the equation is just asking for trouble. Cook your dinner on the BBQ and take the heat outside where it belongs.

Ventilate at Night

When night falls, sleep escapes many of us. A scorching-hot day could mean a sleepless night of sheep-counting and tossing and turning. To get some much-needed shuteye, open as many windows as possible. This increases circulation and pushes stagnant, warm air out of the house. Next, place a fan by an open window and angle it inwards to draw cold air into your home.

Leave the Dishes and Laundry for Later

Doing dishes or laundry in the daytime is a big summertime faux pas. Like the ill-fated kitchen stove, the sheer heat and humidity of dishes and laundry makes housework a sticky prospect. To keep your cool, leave the chores for later. Once the sun starts to set, your household will better absorb the spike in heat.

Run Ceiling Fans Counter Clockwise

Most ceiling fans can reverse direction. Made for winter, the clockwise direction draws air upwards, redistributing heat throughout the house. In the summer, the counter-clockwise setting is designed to push air downwards to create a cool, comfortable breeze. If the air feels stagnant in your home, turn your ceiling fan in the right direction.

Ductless Cooling Solutions

Try as you might, there’s no substitute for a ductless cooling system—the best way to banish your summer woes and stay as cool as a cucumber. With a zoned approach to cooling, ductless systems deliver total temperature control—from the living room to the bedroom.


There are many ways to stay cool this summer, so there’s no reason to eat ice cream and popsicles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


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