Five Household Gadgets That Techies Can’t Live Without

As the dream of a fully automated home becomes more and more of a mainstream reality, technology lovers can expect a slew of exciting offerings over the next few years.

As the dream of a fully automated home becomes more and more of a mainstream reality, technology lovers can expect a slew of exciting offerings over the next few years.

Until the day that flying cars are available, here are five techie gadgets to keep you busy:

Smart Sleep Systems

When it comes to the 7-8 hours of recommended sleep, most of us are failing miserably. Instead of doubling down on lattes, get your hands on a smart sleep system. Perfect for those with insomnia or jet lag, this alarm-clock-sized gadget monitors movement, room temperature, light, and even sound levels—and promises to help you get more sleep.

Plus, many smart sleep systems have built-in features that allow you to track sleep cycles on your smart phone. You can even manage a programmable sunrise/sunset light feature.

Smart Power Bars

Traditional power bars are an exercise in frustration. They can be finicky and are often unable to accommodate larger power adapters. More or less, they’re devoid of useful customization features. But smart power bars challenge our expectations, with programmable functionality and sockets that pivot for better reach. Some smart power bars respond to certain triggers, such as motion, sound, or temperature changes, and can be turned on and off at user-defined intervals. 

Smart Security Systems

Smart security systems offer an alternative to enterprise-level options that are often difficult to install and configure. Smart home security systems can connect through Wi-Fi hotspots, with a magnet-mounted, pivoting camera that attaches to any free, metallic surface.

One of the coolest features of smart security systems is the level of customizability and compatibility with other popular smart devices. Some systems even integrate with your thermostat. When something trips the motion sensor, real-time security notifications are sent via text or social media.

Smart Smoke Detectors and Alarms

While smart smoke/carbon dioxide detectors aren’t the most exciting devices, they deliver a surprisingly useful list of safety features. Replacing that high-pitched, smoke-alarm beep with a human voice, many smart smoke detectors and alarms deliver accurate and detailed information on the nature and whereabouts of any problem. When you burn toast, it isn’t a matter of life and death—but a fire in the kitchen could be.

And if a fire, or other triggering event, happens when you’re away, emergency notifications are immediately sent via text. Many smart smoke detectors and alarms can interface with other smart devices round the house, such as security cameras, delivering real-time visuals of any problematic events.

Ductless Cooling and Heating

Jam-packed with smart features—like remote-control access, a programmable interface, and zoned climate control—ductless minis are among our favorite futuristic devices.

Light years ahead of central air—which opts for a one-size-fits-all solution—a multi-room ductless system divides your residence into several, independently controlled climate zones. Imagine having your own personalized temperature bubble—in this case, your living room. You can dial in a comfortable 72 degrees while watching TV. Down the hall, another family member who’s a light sleeper can drop the A/C to a breezy 60 degrees. If you’ve ever wanted to “convert” your bedroom into a sci-fi-worthy bio-dome, this is your time to shine.

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