Peckham Home

Front of Nick Peckham's home
Buildings use almost half the energy on Earth. If all buildings were like my house, so many of our problems would go away. This is so important. I wanted to show that we can build like this.

For over half a century now, Nick Peckham has been studying buildings and their impact on the world. Concerned by how much energy buildings consume, and inspired by the idea of designing with environmental responsibility in mind, Peckham decided to build something extra-green for his own home. His house is now on track to earn the following certifications: LEED® v4 Platinum, PHIUS+, ENERGY STAR®, Indoor airPLUS and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home program. It is no surprise that Zoned Comfort Solutions™ from Mitsubishi Electric have been a key part of the project. Download the PDF below to read more. You’ll hear from the homeowner/architect, energy consultant and HVAC contractor, and see photos of the house and equipment.

Peckham Home

Project Location: Columbia, Missouri
Completion Date: March 2016

Project Team

  • Architect: Peckham Architecture, Columbia, Missouri
  • HVAC Contractor: Air & Water Solutions, Columbia, Missouri
  • Energy Consultant: Green Building Consulting, Cincinnati
  • Distributor: Mechanical Supply Co. Inc., St. Louis

Mitsubishi Electric Equipment Installed

  • (7) MUZ M-Series Outdoor Units
  • (7) MSZ Wall-mounted Indoor Units
Product Category
Ductless Systems
Home Residence
Completion Date
March, 2016
Case Study Type
For Homeowners
Text Box Type
energy savings/rebates/efficiency
new construction
passive house

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