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ACH&R News Explores Residential Ductless Training Opportunities

ACH&R News recently published an article discussing the benefits and importance of proper residential ductless training. The article highlights Mitsubishi Electric's "array of residential training courses," quoting director of residential marketing, Michelle Robb, in several instances.

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"The Move’ VRF Case Study Featured in IE3

IE3 published our Case Study, ’The Move,' a look at how the Castle Rock Economic Development team used VRF in a new office building to revive local business in their Colorado town. The Case Study mentions several Mitsubishi Electric products and praises their effectiveness in cold weather regions.

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Indoor Comfort News Shares Mitsubishi Electric’s EPA “Most Efficient 2017” Recognition

The August 2017 edition of Indoor Comfort News included an article highlighting Mitsubishi Electric’s 56 systems that received the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2017 Designation. The article names several qualifying Mitsubishi Electric products and quotes Paul Doppel, senior director, industry and government relations.

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David Whitney Building Case Study Featured in retrofit Magazine

retrofit Magazine’s July/August issue included the David Whitney Building Case Study, highlighting the transformation of the Detroit landmark using Mitsubishi Electric VRF technology. The article notes the benefits of VRF and Mitsubishi Electric’s product versatility and capability.

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BUILDER Explores the First 'National Green Building Standard' Certified Home

BUILDER Magazine's July issue featured a look at the first National Green Building Standard (NGBS) certified home in Atlanta. The article explores the home's various energy-efficient building products and techniques, including Mitsubishi Electric’s ultra-efficient ductless mini-split systems, “with SEER ratings ranging from 19 to 26.”

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Air Conditioning Today Applauds ENERGY STAR® Award

The July issue of Air Conditioning Today included a piece praising Mitsubishi Electric’s ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2017 Designation. The article outlined the qualifying systems and called out the proprietary kumo cloud™ controller app, showing Mitsubishi Electric’s dedication to technology and efficiency.

NBC 25 News’ Home Expert Recommends Mitsubishi Electric

NBC 25 News, a local Michigan station, included Mitsubishi Electric’s mini-split systems in an article and video on cooling and heating solutions for older homes in the metro area. The article boasts Mitsubishi Electric’s features and benefits, deeming it the choice installation. It touches upon energy savings, eliminating cold and hot spots and zoning capabilities. 

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Retrofit Touts kumo cloud Features and Benefits

Retrofit included the kumo cloud app as part of their June 'Hot Products' feature. The article boasts kumo cloud’s convenience and programmability and directs readers to the kumo cloud website.

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ACH&R News Offers Residential VRF Commentary from Industry Leaders

In this week’s issue, ACH&R News explored the recent trend of VRF technology in high-end homes. The piece offered industry leaders’ commentaries on the benefits and features of installing VRF in residential applications. Michelle Robb, Mitsubishi Electric's director of residential marketing, is quoted several times throughout the article. 

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HVAC Insider Features Steve O’Brien's Promotion

The June issue of HVAC Insider featured the announcement of Steve O’Brien as Mitsubishi Electric’s new senior vice president of sales, marketing and supply chain management. The piece outlines his new responsibilities, all while promoting the company’s VRF products, recent awards, and website and social media channels.

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This Old House Recommends Mitsubishi Electric Mini-Splits for Retrofitting

In the August issue of This Old House, as well as on their website, an article discussing the benefits of different types of HVAC systems called out Mitsubishi Electric mini-splits. The ductless option was highlighted as a “super efficient,” alternative to traditional central AC, perfect for retrofit applications. The article also features an image of a Mitsubishi Electric indoor unit, as well as a link to

Mitsubishi Electric’s Boathouse District Case Study Featured in Contracting Business

Contracting Business published the Oklahoma City Boathouse District Case Study, highlighting a successful, large-scale application of Mitsubishi Electric’s VRF technology. In the study, John Riggs, the director of operations at the Olympic training facility, and Damon McClure, the mechanical contractor, explain why Mitsubishi Electric was the best option. The piece also includes images of the facility, as well as breakdowns of the specific products and systems installed.

ACH&R News Discusses Benefits of Ducted Systems

In the May 29 issue of ACH&R News, Michelle Robb is a contributor, commenting on the flexibility and availability of residential ducted solutions. The article also discusses growing awareness of this option when installing a system in a home, as it can easily repurpose existing ductwork for a retrofit, or give homeowners a certain aesthetic for new construction where they want the equipment hidden.

To view the article, click here.

Contracting Business Features Tom Dowling in May Executive Roundtable

In Contracting Business’ yearly Executive Roundtable, executives from top HVAC manufacturers contribute their thoughts and share trends in the growing industry space. This year, Tom Dowling was invited to contribute to the May 2017 issue, commenting on topics such as best applications for VRF, Internet of Things trends, line improvements and facility management feedback. While some contributors answered in a very proprietary manner, Mitsubishi Electric stood out as an overall thought leader through its educational and informative commentary.

Miami University Case Study Mixes VRF and Geothermal in Educational Feature

In College Planning & Management’s April 2017 issue, a case study on Mitsubishi Electric’s water-source VRF heat pump was featured. The Miami University of Ohio’s dorms needed a new HVAC option in order to fulfill its goal to be more sustainable and “coal-free" by 2025 - Mitsubishi Electric served as a solution and showcased design flexibility in the product line through its water-source option. The article also includes information on the benefits of the new system, such as energy consumption decrease.

Mitsubishi Electric Wins “Best Buy” for M-Series

In Consumers Digest’s May/June 2017 issue, several household products were nominated for “Best Buys”. Mitsubishi Electric’s M-Series was among the selected appliances - its second nomination since 2015. The article boasts the competitive efficiency of the product lines, as well as having more fan speeds than any of the competing products.

To view the article, click here.

Mitsubishi Electric Steals Two "Product of the Year" Spots

Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s April 2017 issue included its “Product of the Year” special section, where Mitsubishi Electric had not one, but two products listed. The products chosen were the MFZ-KJ floor-mounted indoor unit and the MSZ-EF Designer Series wall-mounted indoor unit. Mitsubishi Electric was the only HVAC manufacturer with two finalist products.

To view the article, click here.

Mitsubishi Electric Names O’Brien Senior VP of Sales, Marketing

Mitsubishi Electric’s Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, Steve O’Brien, was featured in Contracting Business. It was published just two days after his press release was distributed.

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Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating Helps School Conquer Living Building Challenge

The Willow School, Gladstone, New Jersey, has a one page feature in the Spring 2017 issue of High Performing Buildings. The article, sourced from the case study, highlighted Mitsubishi Electric’s role in helping the school meet its goal of becoming Living Building Challenge certified.

To view the article, click here. 

Performance Builder Program Receives First Kudos

Mitsubishi Electric’s Steve Scarbrough participated in an interview on manufacturer-builder partnerships on the heels of unveiling the Performance Builder Program at the International Builders’ Show in Orlando in January. He discussed some reasons why a partnership would be beneficial to both parties, as well as giving a high-level look at what Mitsubishi Electric has going on in the upcoming year.

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Discreet Mini Splits with Obvious Options

Mitsubishi Electric was mentioned in a Professional Remodeler web feature on concealing mini-splits. Marc Rosenbaum, an energy engineer at a design/build firm, described several different options that Mitsubishi Electric could offer in the residential space, including floor-mounted and ceiling-recessed, along with supporting images.

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VRF Finds Perfect Match in Olympic Training Facility

The Oklahoma City Boathouse District Case Study was published in Commercial Architecture’s March issue, revealing five of the six Olympic and Paralympic training facility’s buildings were outfitted with Mitsubishi Electric VRF. The feature describes the technology as "flexible and discreet in its design,” as well as highlighting the positive experience that lead to specifying the product in other buildings.

To view the article, click here.

HVAC Contractors Get a Lesson on Mini-splits

Mitsubishi Electric racks up another notable media hit this week with an article in CONTRACTOR Magazine. The feature story, which was published online on February 16 and will appear in the March print edition, educates HVAC contractors who are considering stocking and specifying mini-split systems. The article gives great momentum to mini-split technology, which is steadily growing in market share, and explains features and benefits of the technology to both installers and customers.

Mitsubishi Electric Provides Thought Leadership on VRF Growth

Mitsubishi Electric's Kevin Miskewicz was quoted in the February 13 issue of ACH&R News. He offered several important points on the growth of the U.S. VRF market, as well as a few additional benefits, such as advanced controls and building automation capabilities.

To view the article, click here.

kumo cloud Showcased Ahead of IBS

Mitsubishi Electric’s kumo cloud™ app was featured in Qualified Remodeler’s January 2017 issue, ahead of the Builders’ Show.

To view the article, click here and turn to page 57.

Demo Truck #2 Makes Appearance in ACH&R News Ahead of AHR Expo

Mitsubishi Electric’s announcement on the second demo truck was picked up by ACH&R News. The truck, which will launch on the show floor at AHR Expo, is equipped with a PURY R2-Series CITY MULTI L-Generation outdoor unit which powers the indoor units and other equipment. 

To view the article, click here.

New Designer Series Units Featured in Qualified Remodeler’s Product Guide

Mitsubishi Electric's MSZ-EF Wall-mounted Unit is featured in Qualified Remodeler's Product Guide directory. The publication highlights the unit's new, sleek build, as well as comfort and energy efficiency features.

To view the article, click here.

Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps Featured in Dwell’s December 2016 Issue

Dwell's December 2016 issue features a village of sustainable homes in Washington state that strive for net-zero energy status. In these houses are a variety of energy-efficient products, including heat pumps from Mitsubishi Electric.

To view the article, click here.

Mitsubishi Electric Showcases RapidHeat Feature in MFZ-KJ

The Journal of Light Construction's November 2016 issue highlighted 12 products, including the Mitsubishi Electric MFZ-KJ Floor-mounted Indoor Unit. The article details the unit's energy efficiency features, as well as its capability to evenly distribute warm air with its RapidHeat technology.

To view the article, click here.

Mitsubishi Electric Steals Cover Spot in RSES Journal’s October 2016 Issue

RSES Journal's October 2016 cover story showcases a 4-page feature story on Mitsubishi Electric's VRF heating technology. The article, which was repurposed from the Advanced Heating Technology White Paper, frames VRF technology as an efficient and innovative HVAC solution in cold climates areas.

To view the article, click here.

Mark Kuntz Quoted in Builder Feature Story During HIVE Convention

The Housing Innovation, Vision& Economics (HIVE) conference in Los Angeles organized by Hanley Wood,  hosted a small panel of notable suppliers to discuss innovation.  Mitsubishi Electric, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy & Engineering, Mark Kuntz was one of four panelists to participate. Builder quotes Kuntz highlighting the need and demand for energy efficiency within the HVAC industry, while positioning Mitsubishi Electric as a leader in energy saving HVAC technology.

Mitsubishi Electric Showcased in Fine Homebuilding’s “ProHOME” Issue

Mitsubishi Electric participated in a product donation opportunity for Fine Homebuilding's 2016 "ProHOME", featuring a modern family farmhouse in East Greenwhich, RI, with high performance, Net Zero Energy capabilities. Fine Homebuilding showcased the outdoor unit and three indoor units in a feature story in the November 2016 issue. The article puts specific emphasis on how each unit was chosen to solve specific cooling and heating problems.

To view the article, click here.

Willow School Case Study Showcased in Fall Feature

The Willow School Case Study, Gladstone, New Jersey, had a one page feature in the Fall 2016 issue of High Performing Buildings. The article highlighted Mitsubishi Electric's role in helping the school meet its goal of becoming Living Building Challenge certified.

To view the article, click here.

Mitsubishi Electric Included in Roundup of “Quick Energy Fixes” for the Home

The October 2016 issue of Old House Journal highlighted 10 "Quick Energy Fixes", one of which featured a Mitsubishi Electric Wall-mounted Indoor Unit as a ductless cooling and heating option (alongside competitor, Fujitsu.) The article positions ductless technology as a quiet and energy efficient solution that also helps homeowners save money on utility bills.

To view the article, click here and turn to page 8.

Mitsubishi Electric Grabs Spot in “Top 100 Products” Issue

The MVZ Air Handler was included in the "Top 100 Products" Issue of Pro Remodeler. The reader-chosen, annual feature includes several key points about the MVZ's design flexibility and capacity.

To view the list, click here and turn to page 47.

Mitsubishi Electric’s New Designer Series Receives First Look in ACH&R News

The new MSZ-EF Wall-mounted Indoor Unit is featured in ACH&R News' "What's New" online section. The article highlights the unit's sleek and slim design, various color options and overall interior design versatility and flexibility. Additionally, it mentions the unit's functionality, such as its zoning capabilities and variety of filtration options.

To view the article, click here.

Kevin Miskewicz Featured Twice in Contracting Business

Mitsubishi Electric's Kevin Miskewicz is quoted in two feature stories in Contracting Business' July 2016 issue. In these articles, Miskewicz highlights the growing popularity of VRF systems, benefits of Mitsubishi Electric's two-pipe system and collaborative contractor relationships.

To view the article, click here and turn to pages 6 and 38.

Mitsubishi Electric Grabs Three Features in ACH&R News

Stealing three spots in the July 11 issue of ACH&R News, Mitsubishi Electric establishes a significant presence in the warranty and training scopes. The first article mentioned distributor, Meier Supply Co. Inc., who offers Mitsubishi Electric certified training classes, the second article focused on webinars and the third weighed in on HVAC warranties.

To view the articles, click here and turn to pages 10, 15 and 19.

High-Performing Home Installs Mitsubishi Electric System

A Mitsubishi Electric residential cooling and heating system was mentioned in Fine Homebuilding's August/September 2016 issue. The owners of the high-performing home worked with builder, Zero Energy Design, to select the system for their home, which contributed to them earning the EPA's Indoor AirPLUS certification for the house.

To view the article, click here.

Progressive Grocer Features Mitsubishi Electric VRF in June 2016 Issue

Mitsubishi Electric VRF Systems were featured in Progressive Grocer's June 2016 issue. The article, which we coordinated with the National Accounts Team and Kevin Miskewicz, highlights the technology as an energy saving solution for flexible supermarket HVAC applications.

To view the article, click here and turn to page 188.

ACH&R News Q&A Exclusive: Mark Kuntz

Mitsubishi Electric Senior Vice President, Mark Kuntz, is featured in an ACH&R News Q&A exclusive in the June 27, 2016 issue. In the interview, Kuntz discusses the advancements of ductless technology and the overall growth of the market.

To view the article, click here.

ACH&R News Publishes 2015 Design Excellence Award Winner

Mitsubishi Electric received corporate coverage in the June 20 issue of ACH&R News, where it announced ABCO's receipt of the 2015 Design Excellence Award. The article commends the supplier for the "World's Tallest Passive House."

To view the article, click here.

The Wholesaler Features the AE-200A Centralized Controller Firmware Update and 2015 Design Excellence Award

Mitsubishi Electric snagged two feature articles in the June 2016 issue of The Wholesaler. One article highlights new advancements and benefits of the firmware update to Mitsubishi Electric's AE-200A Centralized Controller (page 30). The second article (page 82) announces ABCO's receipt of the 2015 Design Excellence Award.

To view the articles, click here and turn to pages 30 and 82.

Mitsubishi Electric Addresses Importance of Installation, Service of Mini-splits with JLC

The Journal of Light Construction interviewed Mitsubishi Electric's Roger Willett, residential area manager for Maine and New Hampshire, about common contractor concerns with mini-split systems for the May 2016 issue. He identified common mistakes that contractors can avoid during the installation process, as well as sharing the proactive role of the manufacturer's service department.

To view the article, click here.

Residential System Builder Application Featured in ACH&R News

The May 16th issue of ACH&R News has included Mitsubishi Electric's Residential System Builder Application in a system design tools feature. Kevin Miskewicz provided commentary on the innovative benefits of the application for residential contractors.

To view the article, click here.

This Old House Selects Mitsubishi Electric’s Ductless Systems as a Favorable Brand in June Issue

This Old House has selected Mitsubishi Electric's ductless systems as a preferred brand for the June 2016 issue. As part of a feature story about ductless systems, Mitsubishi Electric is favored for its better air quality and as a least obtrusive option compared to its competitors. A video also features the installation of a Mitsubishi Electric wall-mounted indoor unit and an outdoor unit.

The David Whitney Building is Star of Commercial Architecture’s May 2016 Issue

Mitsubishi Electric received a cover story feature for the May 2016 issue of Commercial Architecture. The article highlights the renovation of the historic David Whitney Building in Detroit, Michigan, which boasts 600 tons of Mitsubishi Electric's VRF technology.

To view the article, click here.

Mitsubishi Electric’s VRF Technology Featured in May 2 Cover Story of ACH&R News

Mitsubishi Electric's Hyper-Heating INVERTER™ (H2i®) VRF system technology has been featured in ACH&R News' May 2, 2016 Issue. The cover story highlights the growth of the VRF industry and positions Mitsubishi Electric as a leader in the technology.

To view the article, click here.

Mitsubishi Electric Byline in RSES Journal Boasts Benefits of Mini-Splits

The May 2016 issue of RSES Journal features a Kevin Miskewicz byline that discusses the benefits of a mini-split system versus a PTAC system. These benefits include energy efficiency, installation and design.

To view the article, click here.

Mitsubishi Electric Featured in PM Engineer April Product Roundup

Mitsubishi Electric's VRF technology has received a listing in PM Engineer's top product roundup for the April 2016 issue. A few key highlights for the L-Generation Air-source outdoor unit include its small footprint and lower system refrigerant charge.

To view the listing, click here.

Mitsubishi Electric Provides HVAC Solution for 120 Year-Old Historic Building

Contracting Business' April 2016 issue has featured Mitsubishi Electric VRF system equipment in the newly renovated, Detroit Institute of Music Education (DIME). There were several "pull out quotes" throughout, highlighting the benefits that the system offered to the historic building while preserving its original structure.

To view the article, click here.

AE-200A Centralized Controller Highlighted in Innovative Product Showcase for Building Operating Management

In the March issue of Building Operating Management, Mitsubishi Electric's AE-200A Centralized Controller has appeared in the Innovative Product Showcase for HVAC. The product mention noted the monitoring, control point and trending abilities of the product and showed a picture of the controller interface.

To view the product mention, click here.

Fine Homebuilding Installs Mitsubishi Electric Minisplit for Installation Feature

The May issue of Fine Homebuilding has prominently featured the installation of a Mitsubishi Electric minisplit system. The publication guides the reader through the installation process picture-by-picture, including the indoor wall unit, the outdoor unit, running of refrigerant pipe and connection of controls for the system.

To view the article, click here.

Mitsubishi Electric Featured as Leader in VRF Market in Engineered Systems

In a February Engineered Systems article, Mitsubishi Electric's Kevin Miskewicz was quoted about the flexibility of CITY MULTI® VRF heat pump systems in various applications. The Miami University of Ohio case study was mentioned, touching on the topic of historic retrofitting.

To view the article, click here.

Mitsubishi Electric Demo Truck Covered in retrofit Magazine

The Demo Truck that Mitsubishi Electric introduced at the 2016 AHR Expo in Orlando has received coverage on retrofit's website. The article details the various HVAC products available in the truck, including the L-Generation Air-Source outdoor unit.

To view the article, click here.

ACH&R News Quotes Mitsubishi Electric in 2016 Regulatory Overview

Paul Doppel, senior director, industry and government relations at Mitsubishi Electric Cooling& Heating, provided commentary to ACH&R News about the top regulatory challenges facing the HVACR industry in 2016. He notes the main challenges will be the U.S. Department of Energy's supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking [SNOPR] on the test procedures for central air conditioners and heat pumps, as well as the possible replacement of R-410A with R-32 or other A2L-classified refrigerant.

Contracting Business Features Mitsubishi Electric in AHR Expo Product Recap

The Diamond Controls™ solutions system has been included in a 2016 AHR Expo product recap on the Contracting Business website. The product recap details the advantages of the system for building managers, such as efficiency gain and lower cost.

To view the product recap, click here.

Technavio Mentions Jet Towel® in Industry Article on Hand Dryer Technology

Technavio has published a nationwide press release about what trends the hand dryer market is facing through 2020. The press release briefly describes the Jet Towel® as the first innovative, high-speed hand dryer to operate two air jets to dry hands in ten seconds.

To view the press release, click here.

Blogger Matt Risinger Features Mitsubishi Electric at IBS

Mitsubishi Electric is featured in a sponsored video with Matt Risinger as part of "BUILD with Matt Risinger." Viewers learn about the kumo cloud™ app and the new 33.5 SEER zoned comfort system displayed in our booth at the AHR Expo.

To view the video, click here.

Fine Homebuilding Outfits Net Zero Home with a Mitsubishi Electric Zoned System

In the February/March 2016 issue of Fine Homebuilding, Mitsubishi Electric was featured as the choice manufacturer for outfitting a Net Zero home with a zoned system in Norwich, Vermont.

To view the article, click here.

Mitsubishi Electric Lands Cover, Two Products Spots in Contracting Business

In the December 2015 issue of Contracting Business, which featured the publication's favorite products of 2015, Mitsubishi Electric was the standout manufacturer. Mitsubishi Electric not only had three products featured on the cover, but also dominated by occupying two product spots (MVZ, MXZ) and featured the L-Generation models in the "Editor's Notebook" section.

To view the article, click here.

2016 Industry Trends and Best Practices IoT Byline by Mark Kuntz

In HPAC Engineering's first major editorial issue of 2016, Mitsubishi Electric's Mark Kuntz contributed a bylined article on one of the most talked about industry trends of the upcoming year - the Internet of Things.

To view the article, click here. Highlights Mitsubishi Electric Zoned Heating Systems video interviewed Mitsubishi Electric at its booth at Greenbuild 2015. The video, accompanied by a short article, captured the various features of zoned heating systems, including smart controls and energy efficiency.

To view the article and video, click here.

kumo cloud™ Featured in New Products Round-up in ACH&R News

ACH&R News included the recently launched remote controller app, kumo cloud™, in a "new product preview" for its December 7 issue.

To read the preview, click here and turn to page 9.

kumo cloud™ Previewed in ARCHITECT and Builder

ARCHITECT and Builder published video previews of Mitsubishi Electric's new kumo cloud™ app after its appearance at Greenbuild 2015.

To view the video, click here.

Contracting Business Covers Inclusion of Mitsubishi Electric Products in MassCEC Rebate Program

Contracting Business published an article about the MassCEC including Mitsubishi Electric products under its rebate program.

To view the article, click here.

Mitsubishi Electric Zoning System Featured in Fine Homebuilding Installation Article

Fine Homebuilding and its special interest publication, Energy Smart Homes, have included Mitsubishi Electric in an article about the benefits and steps of installing a zoning system. Energy Smart Homes published the story earlier this month, while Fine Homebuilding is set for the April/May 2016 issue.

To view the article, click here.

St. Ignatius Loyola School Case Study Featured in School Planning & Management

A Mitsubishi Electric case study on the St. Ignatius Loyola School in Cincinnati, Ohio was published in the November issue of School Planning & Management. Also, a "Product Showcase" followed the case study, featuring Mitsubishi Electric's Thermostat Interface.

To view the case study article, click here.

Treat House Case Study Featured on has published a feature article on the Treat House case study. The modular home was featured on the home page of the site. Natalie and Tom, the homeowners, are quoted about their use of our Hyper-Heating INVERTER™ (H2i®) system.

To view the article, click here.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Miami University of Ohio Case Study Featured in Contractor

The October issue of Contractor included a feature story, coordinated by Griffin, about the case study at Miami University of Ohio. The feature highlights the equipment and its energy efficiency in a zoned geothermal system. Contractor has over 87,000 subscribers who are owners and senior management of mechanical specialties contracting firms.

To view the online version, click here.

School Planning Management Features Hollis Montessori Case Study

The September issue of School Planning Management featured a Mitsubishi Electric case study on the Hollis Montessori School. The article highlights the equipment and its energy efficiency in an educational application, which is compliant with Passive House standards.

To view the online version of the article, click here.

Retail Facility Business Features “Market at Liberty Place” Case Study

Mitsubishi Electric is featured in a Retail Facility Business article, which can be found within the “Industry Voices” section. The article highlights the installation of a VRF system at the Market at Liberty Place. Building owner, Larry Bosley, bylined the story which focused on the benefits, such as easy installation, comfort levels and low energy consumption.

To view the article, click here.

Blogger Matt Risinger Features Mitsubishi Electric in “Perfect Wall” Home

A recent video by blogger Matt Risinger features the benefits of Mitsubishi Electric mini-split systems and how they can be used in ultra-efficient and passive homes.

To view the video, click here.

PM Engineer Features Jet Towel

The Jet Towel Mini was featured in the August issue of PM Engineer. The product mention was in a bathroom accessories product focus, which included an image and highlighted the benefits of the product in a short description.

To view the digital version of the article click here and turn to page 59

Fine Homebuilding Features Mitsubishi Electric VRF in Net Zero Home

An August blog post in Fine Homebuilding showcases a Net Zero Home in Texas, outfitted with a Mitsubishi Electric CITI MULTI VRF system.

To view the article, click here.

Medical Construction & Design Features Mitsubishi Electric Case Study

The July/August issue of Medical Construction & Design features the Grand Lake Mental Health Center, Nowata, Oklahoma, case study.

The building installed 15 PLFY cassette indoor units, 40 PMFY cassette indoor units, 5 PEFY ducted indoor units, 4 R2-series outdoor units and 6 controllers.

To view the digital edition of this article, click here, and flip to page 59.

Contracting Business Features Mitsubishi Electric Commentary on VRF

Contracting Business featured Mitsubishi Electric in its June 2015 issue and on the cover.

The article, titled "Mini VRF: An Ever-Expanding Option," discusses "mini" VRF units that serve multiple zones. Commentary from Kevin Miskewicz, senior manager of commercial marketing, highlights the benefits and key product messages of VRF. Commentary also includes a discussion of VRF in different applications, such as office spaces and retrofits.

Engineered Systems Features Miami University (Ohio) Case Study

Engineered Systems featured the Miami University case studyin a June 2015 article.

The article, titled “Historic dorms get energy makeover with VRF, geothermal,” discusses the installation and results of a VRF system in two of the university’s oldest residential buildings – Elliot and Stoddard Hall.

The article discusses several benefits of Mitsubishi Electric’s VRF system, such as simultaneous cooling and heating, energy savings and the discrete placement that allowed the structure to maintain its original form.

Commercial Building Products Features Fahnestock House (Pennsylvania) Case Study

Commercial Building Products featured Mitsubishi Electricin its May 2015 issue.

The article, titled “VRF Maximizes Tight Space, Saves Energy,” discusses the restoration of Fahnestock House in Gettysburg, Pa. The story highlights the structural and aesthetic issues the multi-family facility encountered when replacing its HVAC system and why Mitsubishi Electric VRF was the best choice.

HPAC Engineering Features Century Bank and Trust Case Study

HPAC Engineering featured Mitsubishi Electric in its April 2015 issue.

The article, titled “VRF Zoning Yields Significant Energy Savings for Bank,” discusses the Century Bank and Trust case study in great detail.

The article describes the renovation of the outdated building and how VRF technology allowed the bank to provide improved employee and customer comfort along with a 41 percent savings on energy costs within the first year.

Commercial Building Products Features Diamond Controls

The article, titled “Integration Controller, Customer Service,” highlights Diamond Controls as the “Editor’s Choice” in the HVAC and plumbing product section. The mention discusses the advantages that Diamond Controls provides building managers and owners, citing the product’s ability to control multiple tenant spaces within the same building, multiple buildings on a site, and multiple sites.

To view the digital edition of this article, click here, and flip to page 32. 

ACH&R News Features Mitsubishi Electric Commentary on 2015 HVAC Market

ACH&R News featured commentary from Mitsubishi Electricin its March 16, 2015 issue.

The article, titled “Manufacturers Optimistic About 2015,” discusses the growing strength of the HVAC market in great detail. The piece describes the marketplace as returning to pre-recession conditions with strong single-digit growth and includes commentary from Mitsubishi Electric discussing VRF and ductless as the fastest growing segments in the market today.

Passive House Alliance Newsletter Features Bethesda Passive House Case Study

The Passive House Alliance Newsletterfeatured the Bethesda Passive House in its March 13, 2015 issue.

The article, titled “Multi-zone System Selected for First Passive House in Washington, D.C. Area,” highlights the four-level, 4,400-square-foot Passive House as a marvel of design, engineering and construction. The article describes the home’s unique passive building elements, including Mitsubishi Electric’s S-Series system.

Health Facilities Management Features H2i R2-Series, Commentary on Healthcare Market

Health Facilities Management featured Mitsubishi Electric in its March 2015 issue. The article, titled “Scalable Solutions,” details the growing number of HVAC options available to help hospitals meet the needs of their smaller, off-site healthcare facilities.

The article includes commentary from Mitsubishi Electric and describes the H2i R2-Series as an ideal solution, touching on the system’s ability to provide individualized comfort, quiet operation and maximized energy efficiency.

Medical Construction & Design Features Choctaw General Hospital

The article, titled “Breathing Room,” details the renovation of an existing building for the hospital’s administration facility. The feature describes how Mitsubishi Electric’s VRF zoning technology provided Choctaw General Hospital with individualized temperature control for patients, quiet operation, easy system maintenance and substantial energy savings.

To view the digital edition of this article, click here and flip to page 53.

SNIPS Features Mitsubishi Electric in January Issue

The first article, titled “Mitsubishi Electric Wins Green HVAC Award,” highlights Mitsubishi Electric’s recognition in USGBC’s Best of Building Awards for VRF zoning systems in the Best Product for HVAC/Indoor Air Quality/Building Controls category. The second article, titled “People in the News” announces the retirement of Bud Nardello, vice president of sales, and discusses his contributions to the company.

BUILDINGS Features Towson City Center Case Study

BUILDINGS magazine featured the Towson City Center case study in its January 2015 issue. The case study is included among a broader article about VRF zoning technology.

The case study blurb, titled “Extreme Makeover Includes VRF,” details the transformation of the outdated office building into a LEED®-certified, class-A office space. The case study discusses how Mitsubishi Electric’s VRF zoning systems not only helped maximize the building’s square footage, but also contributed to significant energy savings.

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