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Retail Facility Business Features “Market at Liberty Place” Case Study

Mitsubishi Electric is featured in a Retail Facility Business article, which can be found within the “Industry Voices” section. The article highlights the installation of a VRF system at the Market at Liberty Place. Building owner, Larry Bosley, bylined the story which focused on the benefits, such as easy installation, comfort levels and low energy consumption.

To view the article, click here.

Blogger Matt Risinger Features Mitsubishi Electric in “Perfect Wall” Home

A recent video by blogger Matt Risinger features the benefits of Mitsubishi Electric mini-split systems and how they can be used in ultra-efficient and passive homes.

To view the video, click here.

PM Engineer Features Jet Towel

The Jet Towel Mini was featured in the August issue of PM Engineer. The product mention was in a bathroom accessories product focus, which included an image and highlighted the benefits of the product in a short description.

To view the digital version of the article click here and turn to page 59

Fine Homebuilding Features Mitsubishi Electric VRF in Net Zero Home

An August blog post in Fine Homebuilding showcases a Net Zero Home in Texas, outfitted with a Mitsubishi Electric CITI MULTI VRF system.

To view the article, click here.

Medical Construction & Design Features Mitsubishi Electric Case Study

The July/August issue of Medical Construction & Design features the Grand Lake Mental Health Center, Nowata, Oklahoma, case study.

The building installed 15 PLFY cassette indoor units, 40 PMFY cassette indoor units, 5 PEFY ducted indoor units, 4 R2-series outdoor units and 6 controllers.

To view the digital edition of this article, click here, and flip to page 59.

Contracting Business Features Mitsubishi Electric Commentary on VRF

Contracting Business featured Mitsubishi Electric in its June 2015 issue and on the cover.

The article, titled "Mini VRF: An Ever-Expanding Option," discusses "mini" VRF units that serve multiple zones. Commentary from Kevin Miskewicz, senior manager of commercial marketing, highlights the benefits and key product messages of VRF. Commentary also includes a discussion of VRF in different applications, such as office spaces and retrofits.

Engineered Systems Features Miami University (Ohio) Case Study

Engineered Systems featured the Miami University case studyin a June 2015 article.

The article, titled “Historic dorms get energy makeover with VRF, geothermal,” discusses the installation and results of a VRF system in two of the university’s oldest residential buildings – Elliot and Stoddard Hall.

The article discusses several benefits of Mitsubishi Electric’s VRF system, such as simultaneous cooling and heating, energy savings and the discrete placement that allowed the structure to maintain its original form.

Commercial Building Products Features Fahnestock House (Pennsylvania) Case Study

Commercial Building Products featured Mitsubishi Electricin its May 2015 issue.

The article, titled “VRF Maximizes Tight Space, Saves Energy,” discusses the restoration of Fahnestock House in Gettysburg, Pa. The story highlights the structural and aesthetic issues the multi-family facility encountered when replacing its HVAC system and why Mitsubishi Electric VRF was the best choice.

HPAC Engineering Features Century Bank and Trust Case Study

HPAC Engineering featured Mitsubishi Electric in its April 2015 issue.

The article, titled “VRF Zoning Yields Significant Energy Savings for Bank,” discusses the Century Bank and Trust case study in great detail.

The article describes the renovation of the outdated building and how VRF technology allowed the bank to provide improved employee and customer comfort along with a 41 percent savings on energy costs within the first year.

ACH&R News Features Mitsubishi Electric Commentary on 2015 HVAC Market

ACH&R News featured commentary from Mitsubishi Electricin its March 16, 2015 issue.

The article, titled “Manufacturers Optimistic About 2015,” discusses the growing strength of the HVAC market in great detail. The piece describes the marketplace as returning to pre-recession conditions with strong single-digit growth and includes commentary from Mitsubishi Electric discussing VRF and ductless as the fastest growing segments in the market today.

Commercial Building Products Features Diamond Controls

The article, titled “Integration Controller, Customer Service,” highlights Diamond Controls as the “Editor’s Choice” in the HVAC and plumbing product section. The mention discusses the advantages that Diamond Controls provides building managers and owners, citing the product’s ability to control multiple tenant spaces within the same building, multiple buildings on a site, and multiple sites.

To view the digital edition of this article, click here, and flip to page 32. 

Passive House Alliance Newsletter Features Bethesda Passive House Case Study

The Passive House Alliance Newsletterfeatured the Bethesda Passive House in its March 13, 2015 issue.

The article, titled “Multi-zone System Selected for First Passive House in Washington, D.C. Area,” highlights the four-level, 4,400-square-foot Passive House as a marvel of design, engineering and construction. The article describes the home’s unique passive building elements, including Mitsubishi Electric’s S-Series system.

Health Facilities Management Features H2i R2-Series, Commentary on Healthcare Market

Health Facilities Management featured Mitsubishi Electric in its March 2015 issue. The article, titled “Scalable Solutions,” details the growing number of HVAC options available to help hospitals meet the needs of their smaller, off-site healthcare facilities.

The article includes commentary from Mitsubishi Electric and describes the H2i R2-Series as an ideal solution, touching on the system’s ability to provide individualized comfort, quiet operation and maximized energy efficiency.

Medical Construction & Design Features Choctaw General Hospital

The article, titled “Breathing Room,” details the renovation of an existing building for the hospital’s administration facility. The feature describes how Mitsubishi Electric’s VRF zoning technology provided Choctaw General Hospital with individualized temperature control for patients, quiet operation, easy system maintenance and substantial energy savings.

To view the digital edition of this article, click here and flip to page 53.

SNIPS Features Mitsubishi Electric in January Issue

The first article, titled “Mitsubishi Electric Wins Green HVAC Award,” highlights Mitsubishi Electric’s recognition in USGBC’s Best of Building Awards for VRF zoning systems in the Best Product for HVAC/Indoor Air Quality/Building Controls category. The second article, titled “People in the News” announces the retirement of Bud Nardello, vice president of sales, and discusses his contributions to the company.

BUILDINGS Features Towson City Center Case Study

BUILDINGS magazine featured the Towson City Center case study in its January 2015 issue. The case study is included among a broader article about VRF zoning technology.

The case study blurb, titled “Extreme Makeover Includes VRF,” details the transformation of the outdated office building into a LEED®-certified, class-A office space. The case study discusses how Mitsubishi Electric’s VRF zoning systems not only helped maximize the building’s square footage, but also contributed to significant energy savings.

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