Add Some Green to Your Summer: 4 Steps to Energy Efficiency

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Energy Efficiency
With a few simple lifestyle changes, your home can go from energy zapped to energy savvy in no time at all.

When it comes to energy efficiency, is your home a well-oiled machine or a sinking ship? Is your fridge door permanently off its hinges? Do your hobbies include blasting the A/C with the windows open?

Sooner or later, this kind of lifestyle can catch up with you. Most of us aren’t thrilled with massive energy bills. You’re not living in an ocean liner, so why pay to cool one?

Summer proof your home with these tips: 

Get Smart With Your Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can go a long way towards fixing your energy-efficiency faux pas. Think of it as cruise control for your cooling system.

When you leave for work in the morning, program your home (or zone) to drift into the 82-85º F mark. Program your system to kick back into high gear when you’re close to home, settling in around a comfortable 78º F. That way, you won’t be cooling empty space all day.

Use Ceiling Fans to Boost Your Cool Factor

When used together, your cooling system and ceiling fans have amazing, heat-fighting powers. Studies show that using a ceiling fan can reduce your perception of heat by up to 5º F, at a fraction of the energy costs. With your cooling system dialed in at 78º F, and the fan going strong, your room should feel more like a breezy 73º F. Remember: for this tip to work, your fan must be rotating counter clockwise.

Dial Down Kitchen Appliances

The average electric range consumes more than 4,000 watts of electricity when using all of its burners. An unhappy side effect is a super-hot kitchen, which requires your cooling system to work harder to condition the area—leading to a heating/cooling downward spiral.

Your microwave is a great way to sidestep this summer cooking conundrum. Using much less energy than a stove and creating less “waste heat,” it’s a great way to prep or cook a meal. You can also go raw with a food processor. Creating little or no heat, processors are great for party dishes like guacamole or healthy dips. If hot meals are your thing, cooking on your grill is another way to keep the heat outdoors and your kitchen cool during the summer.

Stake Energy Vampires

Hiding in plain view, many ordinary appliances gobble up your comfort and hard-earned money. Though they may seem “powered down” at first glance, many are actually in standby mode.

Laptops, phones, and tablets are devices that come to mind. Plus, some appliances draw current even when the power’s turned off. TV’s are notorious offenders. To give energy vampires the boot, power down your devices and unplug, or turn off, the power bar.


With a few simple lifestyle changes, your home can go from energy zapped to energy savvy in no time at all. To take energy savings even further, a Mitsubishi Electric ductless system is the way to go. Combining a well-engineered, efficient design with cutting-edge comfort, ductless is the heating and cooling solution of the future.


The Consumer Energy Center: Summer Tips

This article and its content are sponsored by Mitsubishi Electric US Inc., Cooling & Heating Division.

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