Indoor Grow

Updated: November 2022
Indoor Grow

Indoor agriculture is a growing market, both literally and figuratively. All over the world, crops are cultivated indoors for a variety of reasons — but mainly due to control over growing conditions. Despite their best efforts, meteorologists can’t always predict the weather. And even when they can, protecting crops from harsh weather conditions isn’t always feasible. Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US helps farmers more successfully grow indoors with accurate temperature and humidity control, while also reducing energy consumption by as much as 40% when compared to traditional methods.

METUS's advantages in the indoor grow market:

  • Quicker to market: CITY MULTI units ship from inventory unlike custom built equipment which can take 5-8 months to produce and deliver (once grower receives state cultivation license, they need to get "growing" as quickly as possible as plants take 16-20 weeks to mature to harvest stage when they can be sold and generate revenue).
  • Easier installation with more flexibility: Outdoor units can be set on roof, on ground, close by or significantly far away (long piping runs). Outdoor units are lighter than other technologies (less steel to support). Indoor units can be mounted inside flower/veg rooms or outside and ducted into flower/veg rooms. Indoor units can have ductwork or not.
  • Quieter: Especially for urban markets, outside units are significantly quieter than other technologies.
  • Redundancy: To better protect crops, CITY MULTI units are available in multiple smaller systems to provide redundancy in case of mechanical failure (fan, compressor, expansion valve, etc.). Many flower/veg rooms don't have excess space inside so smaller, compact indoor units like PEFYs are great solutions (compared to PVFY air handler or similar from competitors).
  • On-board Controls: CITY MULTI units come standard with networking and temperature averaging for more accurate room control. This is much less expensive than buying third-party control systems and paying control contractors for integration services.
  • Reliability: CITY MULTI units are installed and operating in grow facilities across the US where extreme outdoor conditions are present: desert regions where temps exceed 115 degrees in the Summer and Northern states where temps drop below 0. Grow rooms need cooling every day of the year regardless of outdoor temperature, and our low ambient cooling capabilities keep your grow rooms operating during the most extreme conditions.
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Indoor grow HVAC systems are designed for loads and operations that vary greatly from what is required to comfort cooling for humans. For example, during “daytime” modes, where growing lights are on and emitting heat, high latent loads from evapotranspiration and sensible cooling effects from plant transpiration result in a need for both sensible cooling and also dehumidification. But during “nighttime” mode, there is very little sensible load, some latent load from evapotranspiration and some sensible cooling from transpiration. This, then, results in a need for dehumidification but little or no sensible cooling.

Because of such distinct conditions unique to indoor agriculture, Mitsubishi Electric systems are designed to handle these specific modes of operation: cooling and dehumidification when lights are on, and primary dehumidification (with possibility of heating) when the lights are off. 



Our systems are also designed and configured to facilitate year-round operation. In regions where winters are cold, growers turn to Mitsubishi Electric HVAC equipment to maintain desired space conditions, likely for dehumidification. In addition, because many growers choose not to bring in outdoor air to help keep up indoor levels of carbon dioxide, growers are turning to Mitsubishi Electric, as our systems can operate in cold, ambient conditions without airside economizing.



Mitsubishi Electric VRF zoning systems are up to 40% more efficient when compared to conventional systems. This is due to the fact that the built-in INVERTER-compressor technology uses the minimum amount of energy necessary to maintain comfort levels while adjusting to partial-load conditions, which occur most of the time. Because you use only the exact amount of energy you need, and nothing more, you may find your Mitsubishi Electric system can lead to big savings.


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