Quick Tips to Help You Give Your Bedroom an Instant Facelift

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Taking some time to clear the clutter, update the bedding and the walls, and improve the comfort of the air can help create a bedroom that promotes nothing but rest and relaxation.

Who among us doesn’t dream of a bedroom oasis – a place to get away from the stress of the day and relax in total comfort. For most of us, though, reality is a bit different. Bedrooms are often the first rooms in our home to become cluttered, and often the last rooms in the home to get a makeover. However, there are some quick and practical ways to give a bedroom an instant facelift, without spending money on a complete renovation.

Clear Out The Clutter

Bedrooms are often full of clutter. It’s important to remember that our bedrooms are for sleeping. Clear out any items that do not promote relaxation, including the television. WebMD’s doctor-reviewed findings show that having a TV in the bedroom can negatively impact sleep patterns. If you keep stacks of books next to your bed, add some shelves to store them. Put clothes in the closet or the hamper, and keep your floor clear of unnecessary objects. Block off a Saturday afternoon to gut the closets and donate clothes that you aren’t wearing any longer, instantly freeing up more closet pace. Clearing clutter is a great way to make a bedroom appear instantly larger, can reduce stress levels, and helps promote restful sleep.

Change The Bedclothes 

Purchasing a new bedding set can give your bedroom an instant facelift. A duvet and bedding set can change the look of the entire room from romantic to graphic, classic to modern, or pastel to primary. Just be sure to make the bed entirely each day to get the most from a change in bedclothes.

Pull it Together with a Rug

A rug, even on top of existing carpeting, can brighten up any room and help pull together elements that may otherwise seem mismatched. Be sure to choose a size that is large enough to tuck under one end of your bed. Choosing a rug that is too small can actually make the room seem smaller. Choose a rug that makes use of an accent shade from the bedding set to help give the room a little pop of color and life.

What a Difference a Can of Paint Makes

A new paint color can instantly change the whole look and feel of your bedroom without the expense of purchasing new furniture. Painting is an easy, inexpensive DIY project that can be completed over a weekend. If your room doesn’t get much natural light, choose a color that will instantly brighten it up. On the other hand, a bedroom that is too bright can be toned down a bit with a deeper, more relaxing paint shade. The best part is, if you end up disliking the color, you can just paint right over it.

Create an Oasis of Comfort 

If your bedroom is never quite the right temperature, odds are your cooling and heating system is to blame. Most homeowners heat and cool their homes based upon the setting of a single thermostat, which means that the upstairs bedrooms are always several degrees hotter or colder than the rest of the house. To ensure that your bedroom is always just the right temperature, a split-ductless system can be installed in the room. These systems operate on their own controller and are not affected by temperature settings anywhere else in the house. They use 40 percent less electricity than standard window units, and they send cooled and heated air directly into your room, as opposed to passing through an entire duct system. They provide great air filtering also for minimizing adverse effects to allergens. Best of all, they can usually be installed in one day, which means very little disruption to you and your family.

Updating a bedroom doesn’t require a complete renovation. Taking some time to clear the clutter, update the bedding and the walls, and improve the comfort of the air can help create a bedroom that promotes nothing but rest and relaxation.

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