Reboot Your Home This Year With a Garage Renovation

Image of the exterior of a large home's garage.
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Many homeowners are starting to reclaim their garages, turning them into usable, livable space that adds value without having to build an entire addition on to the home.

Garages were originally designed for a singular purpose: housing cars. However, since the inception of the garage, homeowners have been using them to serve other functions, usually to store household items once the basement and attic become full. Many homeowners are staring to reclaim their garages, turning them into usable, livable space that adds value without having to build an entire addition on to the home.

Taking a Garage from Grunge to Great

When it comes to a garage renovation, homeowners are limited only by their imaginations. There are many ways to turn a simple, humble garage into a dream room, including:

Workshop: The most obvious choice for a garage makeover is a workshop for the handymen and women in the home. Workshops don’t have to be boring, however. They can be designed to maximize space and look aesthetically pleasing with unique shelving and work tables, wall treatments, and flooring. They can also be divided into separate areas for wood, metal, automotive, etc., to create a full-service work area.

Game Room: Garages can be a great place to set up poker, table tennis, and pool tables, video game systems, and other activities for kids or the young at heart. Game rooms are great for entertaining and keeping parties to a contained area of the home.

Home Office:  For homeowners who don’t have enough bedrooms to create a home office, the garage can be an ideal and spacious choice. Adding a sofa and coffee table, and even a television can create a comfortable yet productive work space.

Bar: Who hasn’t dreamed of owning their own bar? A garage can be easily renovated to create a bar, complete with kegs and taps – and its own bathroom – to entertain friends without the headache or expense of actually owning an establishment. Consider building a patio or deck off the new bar to create even more usable space to enjoy beverages and company in the warm Southern sun.

Sunroom: It’s hard to believe that there are homes in the South that don’t have sunrooms. It’s sad, but true. There plenty of homes that don’t take full advantage of the warm climate and bountiful sunshine.  Garages are extremely easy to convert into sun rooms, since they are already open on one side, reducing demolition and construction costs.

Home Gym: Fitness-conscious homeowners can spend upwards of $100 per month for memberships to health clubs and gyms. Instead of giving someone else that money, a garage renovation can bring the gym home. Padded flooring can be installed for additional safety and comfort. 

Music or Art Studio: If someone in the house paints, sculpts, or plays an instrument, chances are they dream of their own space in which to create their art and other family members with they had it to reduce mess and noise. A studio garage makeover is an ideal choice for the artists and creators of the family. Musicians can soundproof the room and even create their own recording studios. Artists can feel free to create as much mess as they like, and store their supplies without encroaching on anyone else’s living pace.

Some homeowners worry about the climate in a converted garage, which is why the space is often designated for storage, but with the right zoned climate system, the new room can be comfortable, and completely livable, even on the hottest of Southern days.

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