Why Mitsubishi Electric For Your Heating & Cooling Needs?

When it comes to heating and cooling, many homes today have trouble spots. For rooms that are always too hot or too cold. Mitsubishi Electric mini split systems can help eliminate those trouble spots, bringing use back to rooms as intended. Mitsubishi Electric single zone systems are ideally suited for home renovations or room additions, when space for bulky ductwork isn’t an option.

Other ideas for wall heaters and wall air conditioners are:

  • Enclosed Patios
  • Bonus Rooms
  • Basements
  • Home Offices
  • Bedrooms

For whole home heating and cooling, ductless mini split systems can handle up to eight zones at a time, making it perfect for the whole house. Inside, our indoor air handling units come in a variety of styles to meet your home needs, including wall-mounted units, floor units, ceiling recessed and ducted HVAC systems.

Mitsubishi Electric provides whisper-quiet wall air conditioners and wall heaters that have multiple filters to trap allergens and odors. Each unit offer wireless, or wired temperature controls, giving you the ability to set each zone at your preferred temperature level. Our mini split systems can be up to 40% more efficient than conventional HVAC Systems.

To get started, request a consultation or find a contractor today!

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