Beat the Summer Heat with an All-Electric, Zoned System

Updated: May 2022
Beat the Summer Heat with an All-Electric, Zoned System

The official start of summer brings visions of vacations, splashing in the pool, cookouts and relaxation to mind. For most of the country, sweet summertime also brings high temperatures and humidity, triggering the start of cooling season. If you’re stressing about high utility bills or whether your air-conditioning system can take the heat, it may be time to consider your HVAC options. Installing an energy-efficient, high-performance and low-maintenance system is one way to ensure you can enjoy a comfortable home even when outside temperatures soar.

Our all-electric mini- and multi-split systems, available in ductless and short-run ducted options, are the perfect solution for your cooling season worries. They’re built to perform and operate up to 40 percent more efficiently than traditional systems. Let’s take a deeper dive into the benefits of mini- and multi-split air-conditioning systems for staying cool all summer long.

The Split System Difference

All-electric mini- and multi-split systems have just a few main components: an outdoor condenser and an indoor unit (which can be wall- or floor-mounted, ceiling-recessed or ducted). The units communicate to maintain your ideal temperature. A third component, comprehensive smart controls, makes setting your desired temperature easy.

As a homeowner, your home’s comfort should be custom to you. That’s where zoning comes in. A mini-split system, which pairs the outdoor unit one-to-one with an indoor unit, is great for when you want to add a single comfort zone. Mini-splits are ideal for home additions, finished basements or even resolving hot or cold spots.

With a multi-split system, you have the option to divide your home into up to eight comfort zones per outdoor unit. Maybe you want your bedrooms a few degrees cooler than the rest of the home. Or maybe you want to turn the air off in the bonus room to encourage your kids to enjoy the great outdoors and then switch it back on in time for movie night after dinner. With our Zoned Comfort Solutions®, all of the above is possible!

Cost Savings Could Be the Hottest Summer Trend

One of the biggest gripes among homeowners with traditional systems is high operating costs, especially on the hottest days when air conditioning is most needed. These systems operate on an energy-guzzling on/off cycle, where the systems ramp up to full power to reach the desired temperature, then promptly shut off. The process continues repeatedly, with the system restarting each time the indoor temperature begins to creep back up.

All-electric systems from Mitsubishi Electric run on variable-speed, INVERTER-driven compressor technology. With this approach to system operation, the compressor runs continuously but only uses the precise amount of energy needed to cool a space.

Now, let’s relate this back to something a little more in tune with summer fun. Picture yourself at a cookout; you’re manning the grill and cooking burgers for a crowd. You may have to cook a few at a time to get everyone fed, but you wouldn’t turn the grill off in between batches, would you? Doing so would be inefficient since the grill would take time and burn extra energy to reheat each time it’s turned back on. If you wouldn’t put your grill through unnecessary starts and stops, why would you do so to your air-conditioning system?

Maintenance Made Easy

Not only does variable-speed operation translate to cost savings on your utility bills, but it can also save you some big bucks on maintenance. The on/off cycling of traditional compressor technology puts wear and tear on systems. We know the height of summer is the last time you want your air conditioning conking out on you. Using an all-electric system with a variable-speed compressor is a great way to be proactive about your system’s maintenance, with practically no effort from you!

Maintenance is made even easier with a two-step filtration process in our ductless units. Select units feature our innovative new Dual Barrier Coating, applied to interior components. During summer, when allergens like pollen, mold and animal dander are especially prevalent, the coating provides an added level of protection and prevents these potentially aggravating airborne particles from clogging up in your units and affecting your indoor air quality. Best of all, our filters are easy to remove, wash and reinstall, making proactive maintenance a breeze.

If there’s a problem with your unit requiring a contractor visit, our units are also designed to be accessible. Traditional ducted systems, which use long, leak-prone duct runs to connect back to a central air handler, often require service technicians to enter attics, crawl spaces or mechanical closets — not exactly ideal places to put in manual labor during a hot summer day. Many of our units, such as our EZ FIT® Recessed Ceiling Cassette, can be serviced from below. Their maintenance-friendly design allows technicians to diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve issues more efficiently.

In the hot summer months, there’s almost nothing worse than a malfunctioning or inadequate air-conditioning system. Talk to a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor® today to ensure your home’s comfort all summer long. For more information on our products and technologies, visit

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