Heat Pumps and Homeowners: The Perfect Match

Updated: July 2023
Heat Pumps and Homeowners: The Perfect Match

Valentine’s Day is the time to shower our loved ones with appreciation and reflect on our special relationships.

But who said our loved ones have to be limited to people? While you’re spreading the love, show some to your home as well. After all, you spend a lot of time there — you’re definitely more than friends. One of the most impactful ways to show your home love is by upgrading to energy-efficient, high-performing systems and technologies. And if we’re talking heating and air conditioning, an all-climate heat pump with variable-capacity technology is sure to make your home love you back.

All-climate, variable-capacity heat pump systems provide superior comfort, improved energy efficiency and ultra-quiet heating and air conditioning. They allow you to enjoy personalized, room-specific temperature settings while saving money and adding value to your home. Basically, they’re a real catch.

Allow us to set you up (hey, we’re romantics at heart!). Here are the top reasons you should get one of these highly efficient and cost-saving systems into your life.

Fall in Love with Energy Efficiency

Time to say, “it’s not you, it’s me,” to unwanted temperature swings and wasted energy. Traditional home heating systems blast air loudly and heat inefficiently. Not our heat pumps! Thanks to our INVERTER-driven compressor technology, you’ll get sweet whispers with energy-efficient heating and air conditioning.

Think of the compressor in your heat pump like this: just as your heart always beats but automatically beats faster when you’re near a special someone, the INVERTER compressor continuously runs, speeding up and slowing down as needed. This reduces power consumption by only using the exact amount of energy you need to maintain your desired temperature setting. 

Fall in Love with Zoned Comfort

Temperature preferences can vary as much as love languages in a household. With a multi-zone heat pump system, thermostat wars are a thing of the past. Each outdoor unit can connect to up to eight indoor units, allowing you to create independent temperature settings for individual rooms.

For example, let’s say you install units in your bedroom, your child’s bedroom, your guest bedroom, your kitchen, your living room and your home gym. Each area may have vastly different heating and air-conditioning needs based on their purpose, occupancy and frequency of use. This is the genius of a multi-zone heat pump system. Each indoor unit will maintain the set point for a designated comfort zone and continuously communicate the zone’s heating or cooling demand to the outdoor unit. Units can also be turned off when not in use, further improving your energy savings.

Fall in Love with Sustainability

Red, white, and pink may be the colors of Valentine’s Day, but in today’s age of environmental responsibility, green is the color of true love. Modern all-climate heat pumps like ours are reliable and sustainable, providing high-performance heating and air conditioning to homes everywhere, all while being better for our planet. 

Love is in the air, and so is heat. Even when the weather is colder than breaking up via text message, an all-climate heat pump can warm your home with naturally occurring heat absorbed from the outdoors. This all-electric heat pump process is much better for the planet than burning fossil fuels to generate heat. In warmer weather, the heat pump reverses this process and provides air conditioning by moving indoor heat to the outdoors.

Fall in Love with Easy Maintenance

Every good relationship, like every good heat pump, needs some maintenance now and then. Properly maintaining your equipment allows you to enjoy a healthy system, stress-free. 

All-electric heat pump systems from Mitsubishi Electric are easy to maintain. Just keep your outdoor units clear from vines and weeds, wipe the surfaces of your indoor unit to ensure proper airflow, and clean your removable, washable filters regularly. We also recommend bringing a contractor out for an annual tune-up before the heating season starts.

Everyone likes to think they’re “low maintenance,” but a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump is the real deal. 
Does this sound like the perfect match? We’d love to get you acquainted with a brand-new heating and air conditioning system.  Not to jinx it, but we think you’ll find love at first set point.

For more information on our all-climate heat pump products and technologies, visit MitsubishiComfort.com.

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