Project Profile: Pivot OKC Tiny Homes

Updated: September 2022
Project Profile: Pivot OKC Tiny Homes

From tiny homes to large estates and everything in between, variable-capacity heat pump systems can deliver energy-efficient, cost-effective, reliable heating and air conditioning for a wide range of applications. They’re a better, more sustainable way to keep our homes comfortable.

Heat pumps are for everyone, and we love to see our systems benefitting people in need of safe, stable and comfortable housing.

Our variable-capacity heat pumps were the ideal solution for a group of tiny homes built by Pivot Inc., an Oklahoma City-based non-profit serving 12- to 25-year-olds in need of transitional housing and support services. In 2019, the organization broke ground on a multi-stage, tiny house project for the young adults who use their services. The project will see 83 homes built across 12.5 acres of land upon completion. So far, the first phase of 20 tiny homes has been completed.

An Emphasis on Efficiency

Because Pivot is grant-funded, the ability to budget accurately is paramount. They needed energy-efficient heating and air-conditioning systems to help conserve costs. Wall-mounted, variable-capacity heat pump units from Mitsubishi Electric fit the bill.

The units deliver superior, reliable comfort to the homes while keeping utility bills low. Using variable-speed compressors, the units run continuously, ramping up and down as needed to maintain each tiny home’s desired temperature. This method of operation avoids the wasteful on/off cycling seen in conventional units. As a result, variable-capacity heat pumps are up to 40 percent more efficient than conventional systems, and Pivot’s tiny homes will enjoy lower utility costs.

In addition to their much-needed efficiency benefits, the variable-capacity heat pumps from Mitsubishi Electric proved to be a great solution for the Pivot tiny home project for several other reasons.

Added Heat Pump Benefits

For starters, with such small footprints (the homes range from 280 to 320 square feet in total), the developers and the project team needed to use available space wisely. The wall-mounted units allowed for design flexibility in their placement and unobtrusive installation. Additionally, their whisper-quiet operation supports a more tranquil environment for tenants, regardless of how close they are to the units. Finally, the units are equipped with removable, easy-to-clean filters, helping keep the homes’ indoor air quality high.

For the young adults who will use Pivot’s tiny homes, a reliable heating and air-conditioning system should be the least of their concerns. We are proud to have contributed to such a meaningful project.

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