Modern Systems for Classic Homes

As heating and cooling technology has evolved, homeowners in the Midwest are often challenged with how to incorporate modern comfort and efficiency, without disturbing the character of their homes.

Many homes in the Midwest were built before air conditioning became standard. Bringing this modern convenience to older homes without ductwork can be particularly challenging. Zoned Comfort Solutions® from Mitsubishi Electric can help solve many comfort issues in these homes. Whether you are looking for a single system that can provide air conditioning and effective heating down to -13° F, or want to eliminate hot or cold spots in specific rooms, we have a solution just right for you.

Traditional Radiator
Heat Pump

Ductless Solutions Provide
Efficient Comfort

Mitsubishi Electric Zoned Comfort Solutions are the modern and efficient way to bring year-round comfort to homes without air conditioning. With little to no ductwork needed and INVERTER-compressors that use less power, our systems efficiently adjust to your cooling needs. Heat pump systems can also provide heating and cooling from a single system.

Zoned Comfort Icon

Comfort Zoned

Each room or zone is operated independently of the other zones in the system. That means each room in your home can maintain its occupant's ideal temperature.

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Efficiency Improved Heating

Using ductless heat pumps as your primary heating source and only supplementing with the hydronic system on the coldest days can reduce energy usage by up to 40%.

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Controls Year-Round

kumo cloud® gives you anytime, anywhere control over your home’s heating and cooling from just about any smartphone or tablet.