Mitsubishi Electric MEView app Seeing is believing

Now you can show homeowners exactly how their indoor unit will look. Introducing the new and improved Mitsubishi Electric MEView app.

New Features


Works with iOS and Android mobile devices.

Full-Line of Products
& Brands

The newest version of the app is now compatible with all brands of wall-mounted and floor-mounted units, giving you limitless options.

Updated User Interface

The updated user interface allows you to show homeowners how a unit will look in their space before they buy it. Simply select a product, then select where on the wall you’d like it to go. It will look more polished than ever because all product images are now 3D and at real scale.


Sharing has never been easier. Text or email your images immediately to homeowners or installers from within the app.

How to use

Step 1

Begin by selecting the unit that you would like to see in your space.

Step 2

While pointing your camera at the floor, slowly move your phone in a figure 8 motion until a red lines appears. Then, align the red line where the floor meets the wall, and tap the screen to continue.

Step 3

Tap the screen to place the indoor unit.

Step 4

With your unit placed, you have the ability to adjust its position and scale the size of the unit up or down.

Step 5

You are now able to see how the unit will look in your room!

Additional Resources

Learn more about MEView app and how to get started.