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At Mitsubishi Electric Trane, we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality, reliability and support for our products. With the addition of direct engagement by our Controls Applications group, you have access to world-class support and service at your fingertips. Whether you need project support, or help with an existing system, our experienced team is at your service.
Safeguard customer investments with CITY MULTI® Controls Applications
When you use the advanced support services provided by our Controls Applications group, you get peace of mind that the systems you’ve chosen will operate at peak performance. Our Controls Applications group will tailor a support package that fits your needs.

Comprehensive Support from Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US

Explore our broad range of services or let us know if you are ready to learn more about how our Controls Solutions can support any size HVAC project using our systems.
CITY MULTI controls network (CMCN) services
Making the daunting task of setting up and programming VRF system controls easy and seamless.
  • Energy Allocation design, setup, and Engineered Panel assemblies
  • Advanced HVAC Controller design, programming and commissioning
  • Central Controller advanced programming
  • 3rd party BACnet® and LMAP integration assistance
  • 3rd party equipment interlocks
VRF System Commissioning
Avoid costly errors and potential delays by thoroughly reviewing all aspects of the VRF installation, including review of interconnected ductwork, condenser water piping, and other 3rd party HVAC components.
  • Review and inspect CITY MULTI equipment installation and operation and provide a detailed VRF Commissioning Report.
  • Review system operation and confirm the system is error free and has been placed into service per Mitsubishi Electric startup procedures.
  • Develop operational performance baselines for future reference.
  • Assist in securing an Extended Equipment Warranty.
Project Supervision
Dedicated single point of contact to provide on- and off-site VRF installation review and technical support to all project entities.
  • On-site advisory support and installation review for CITY MULTI systems, performing the following activities:
  • Provide a Project Report, including system overview, equipment setup guide, As-Built Diamond System Builder, and system issue(s) and recommendation(s).
  • Equipment order and delivery coordination.
  • Diamond System Builder As-Built assistance.
System Evaluations
Complete a system evaluation to review the overall health of your system allowing you to maintain the highest efficiency and performance levels.
  • Review and record performance data
  • Complete a visual inspection of all equipment
  • Perform software updates
  • Produce System Certification Reports with corrective action recommendations
VRF Equipment Startup Assistance
Provide on-site equipment startup assistance for newly installed Mitsubishi Electric CITY MULTI systems.
  • Review all equipment settings, refrigerant charge calculations, and provide software updates.
  • Complete initialization and error-free placement of system(s) into operation.
  • Identify issues and provide recommendations for VRF equipment installation.
  • Complete a Startup Report, including a system overview, As-Built Diamond System Builder, equipment settings, and operational runtime data.
  • Assist in securing an Extended Equipment Warranty.
Owner Training
Training programs are specific to the equipment installed at your facility.
  • Equipment operation and maintenance
  • First Responder best practices
  • Central Controller operator training
  • Energy Allocation software overview and best practices
  • Equipment installation overview and review

Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US makes VRF work for you

Whether you are new to VRF or are an application veteran, we have the support services to make sure you get the most out of your investment.
Whether you have an active VRF or ductless project, or you'd like to learn more for future projects, we can help.
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