Brue-Carstens Residence

Brue-Carstens Residence
This technology is remarkable. It provides cooling or heating wherever and whenever we need it. We can even control the unit from our smart phones! We love our home.

Photography © 2014 by Mike Torrey

For more than 12 years, Sandra Brue and husband Chris Carstens struggled with hot and cold spots in their San Diego penthouse. A Variable Refrigerant Flow zoning system from Mitsubishi Electric put an end to these troubles, coupling with the existing geothermal loop to provide even temperatures throughout the home. A bonus: VRF recovered four to six inches of ceiling height, giving the home more visibility and an even roomier feel. Download the PDF below to read more. You’ll hear from the homeowners and contractor, and see photos of the equipment and home.

Brue-Carstens Residence

Project Location: San Diego, California
Completion Date: September 2012

Project Team

  • Owner: Sandra Brue and Chris Carstens
  • HVAC Contractor: Sirius Mechanical, Inc., Moreno Valley, California
  • HVAC Distributor: U.S. Air Conditioning Distributors, City of Industry, California

Mitsubishi Electric Equipment Installed

  • (2) PQRY-P96THMU-A WR2-Series Watersource Condenser Units
  • (2) PLFY-P24NBMU-E Ceiling-recessed Indoor Units
  • (2) PLFY-P18NBMU-E Ceiling-recessed Indoor Units
  • (6) PMFY-P12NBMU-E Ceiling-recessed Indoor Units
  • (1) PEFY-P15NBMU-E Ceiling-concealed Ducted Indoor Unit
  • (1) PEFY-P08NBMU-E Ceiling-concealed Ducted Indoor Unit
  • (10) PAR-30MAAU MA Controllers
  • (1) CMB P1013NU-GA BC Controller
  • (1) GB-24A Centralized Controller
Product Category
VRF Zoning Systems
Home Residence
Completion Date
June, 2015
Case Study Type
For Homeowners
Text Box Type
energy savings/rebates/efficiency
retrofit/historic restoration
simultaneous cooing & heating

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