Chenequa Custom Home

Chenequa Custom Home
This spectacular home twists between the trees and appears to grow out of the hill. Our HVAC team had the moxie and technology to match the brilliance of design with an intelligent, energy-efficient solution.

A young couple with a growing family in Wisconsin had big plans for their future home – a light-filled, sustainable house; a design that bridged indoor and outdoor spaces; and quiet, invisible comfort from an HVAC system. Variable Refrigerant Flow zoning technology from Mitsubishi Electric offered that ultimate comfort, and was selected for its discrete operation and aesthetic. It could also tie in with the home’s geothermal loop and radiant floor heating. Download the PDF below to read more. You’ll hear from the homeowners, engineer and contractor, and see photos of the home and equipment.

Chenequa Custom Home

Project Location: Chenequa, Wisconsin
Completion Date: January 2012

Project Team

  • Architect: Robert Harvey Oshatz, Architect, Portland, Oregon
  • General Contractor: Signature Builders, Inc., Pewaukee, Wisconsin
  • Geothermal Contractor:G.O. Loop, Randolph, Wisconsin
  • Mechanical Engineer: Gustave A. Larson Company, Madison, Wisconsin
  • HVAC Contractor: Air Care, Inc., Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
  • HVAC Distributor: Gustave A. Larson Company, Madison, Wisconsin

Mitsubishi Electric Equipment Installed

  • (2) PQRY WR2-Series Outdoor Units
  • (8) PVFY Vertical-concealed Indoor Units
  • (4) PFFY Floor-standing Indoor Units
  • (2) CMB Branch Circuit (BC) Controllers
  • (1) AG-150 Centralized Controller
Product Category
VRF Zoning Systems
Home Residence
Completion Date
January, 2012
Case Study Type
For Homeowners
Text Box Type
energy recovery systems/lossnay
energy savings/rebates/efficiency
new construction

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