Plateau Valley Medical Clinic

An image of the exterior of Plateau Valley Medical Clinic in Collbran, Colorado.
I have an indoor unit in my office directly over my desk. It is so quiet I don’t even know it is operating.

The Plateau Valley Medical Clinic in Collbran, Colorado, was designed to have a calming aesthetic, ultimate occupant comfort and low energy costs. When it came to HVAC, that meant VRF from Mitsubishi Electric. Further benefits of VRF included its small footprint meeting tight space constraints, and the improved indoor air quality serving as a boon to the medical center. Download the PDF below to read moreYou’ll hear from the administrator, architect, mechanical engineer and HVAC contractor, and see photos of the clinic and equipment. 

Plateau Valley Medical Clinic

Project Location: Collbran, Colorado
Completion Date: January 2012

Project Team

  • Owner: Plateau Valley Hospital District, Collbran, Colo.
  • Architect:Wagner/Galloway Architects LLC, Palisade, Colo.
  • Mechanical Engineer: Big Horn Consulting Engineers, Inc., Grand Junction, Colo.
  • HVAC Contractor: Keenan’s Plumbing & Heating, Inc., Montrose, Colo.
  • HVAC Distributor: Charles D. Jones Co., Denver

Mitsubishi Electric Equipment Installed: 

  • (2) PURY-P240TSJMU-A R2-Series Outdoor Units
  • (10) PMFY-P06NBMU-E One-wayCeiling-recessed Cassette Indoor Units
  • (2) PKFY-P12NHMU-E Wall-mounted Indoor Units
  • (6) PLFY-P12NBMU-E 4-way Ceiling- recessed Cassette Indoor Units
  • (1) PLFY-P24NBMU-E 4-way Ceiling- recessed Cassette Indoor Unit
  • (3) PLFY-P36NBMU-E 4-way Ceiling- recessed Cassette Indoor Units
  • (1) CMB-P1016NU-HA MAIN Branch Circuit (BC) Controller
  • (1) SUB Branch Circuit (BC) Controller
  • (22) PAC Simple MA Remote Controllers
  • (1) PAC DIDO Control Board
  • (1) AG-150 Centralized Controller
  • (2) Lossnay LGH-F470RX3 Energy Recovery Ventilators
Product Category
VRF Zoning Systems
Hospital/Medical Office
Completion Date
January, 2012
Case Study Type
For Professionals
Text Box Type
energy recovery systems/lossnay
new construction
simultaneous cooing & heating

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