Suwanee, Georgia Residence

An image of Bill Rau's VRF-conditioned home.
The two-level, four-bedroom, 4,000-square-foot home consists of a master bedroom suite, guest bedroom, a large family room, kitchen, dining room and on the basement level, an office, two additional guest bedrooms, an exercise room and a large playroom.

Sometimes it’s all about zones. A Variable Refrigerant Flow zoning system from Mitsubishi Electric offered one Suwanee, Georgia, homeowner the ability to cool and heat only the occupied rooms in his home. For example if his downstairs bedroom was not in use, no energy was spent to cool or heat it. As a result, his energy bills are pleasing. Download the PDF below to read more . You’ll learn the full story and see a photo of the home.

Suwanee, Georgia Residence

Project Location: Suwanee, Georgia 
Completion Date: August 2007

Project Team

  • Owners: (family name withheld)
  • General Contractor, HVAC Contractor: (owner acted as his own General Contractor) Suwanee, Ga.
  • Architect: Cameron-Padgett, Inc., Roswell, Georgia

Mitsubishi Electric Equipment Installed:

  • (3) PUMY S-Series Outdoor Units
  • (8) PDFY Ceiling-concealed Ducted Indoor Units
  • (2) PMFY Ceiling-recessed Cassette (One-way airflow) Indoor Units
  • (11) PAR Deluxe MA Remote Controllers

Product Category
VRF Zoning Systems
Home Residence
Completion Date
August, 2007
Case Study Type
For Homeowners
Text Box Type
energy savings/rebates/efficiency
new construction

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