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Wall-Mounted Wireless

Manage your home's cooling and heating with wireless controls that can mount anywhere and make installation a snap. 

  • pre- programmed

    Controller comes pre-programmed for your convenience. All you have to do is set the time and day.

  • set temperature ranges

    Set custom ranges for cooling or heating easily with straightforward, user-friendly programming.

  • filter reminders

    Set reminders to change indoor unit filters at 100 or 2,500 hours of operation.

Key Features

Mitsubishi Electric’s products offer a full range of features specially designed for energy efficiency, performance and control over your personal comfort.

*Available on select models.

  • auto mode

    Auto Mode

    Preset temperatures and the operating mode will automatically switch between cooling and heating.

  • alerts


    Your controller will notify you with an alert code and location of the alert for your indoor or outdoor unit.

  • portability

    handheld controller

    No need for mounting a controller. The optional Portable Central Controller allows you to turn the system on/off and change the temperature from anywhere in the room.

  • temp sensing

    temperature sensing

    Set your system to sense variations in air temperature either at the indoor unit (default) or at the controller.

  • outdoor sensing

    outdoor air sensor

    Optional outdoor air sensor allows air temperature and humidity to be shown on your remote controller.

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kumo stationTM ACCESSORY


Adding kumo station to your kumo cloud system now permits you to control up to two stages of supplemental heating, humidification, dehumidification and ventilation equipment all from the app.

Wireless Sensor Accessory


Its small, compact design provides remote temperature and humidity sensing. This sensor uses Bluetooth Low Energy to provide long service life.

Consult Your Diamond Contractor

A specially trained Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor can give you expert advice on the outdoor unit best suited to your specific needs.

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