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Outdoor Units

Single-Zone Cooling and Heating

Single-Zone Cooling & Heating Heat Pump

Keep a single room comfortable year round with an efficient single-zone cooling and heating solution.

  • Energy Efficient

    INVERTER-driven compressor technology uses the precise amount of energy needed to cool or heat to your personal comfort.

  • available hyper-heat

    Provides outstanding heating performance, even in extreme cold. (Select models only)

  • environmentally friendly

    90% of system components are recyclable and R410A refrigerant has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).

Key Features

Mitsubishi Electric’s wall unit air conditioners and heaters offer a full range of features specially designed for energy efficiency, performance and control over your personal comfort.

*Available on select models.

  • hot-start


    Hyper-Heating units feature Hot-Start technology that provides warm air from the start and reduces drafts.

  • Restart

    auto restart

    Following a power outage, systems automatically restart so you'll be back to comfortable in no time at all.

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kumo stationTM ACCESSORY


Hydronic heating and our OAT sensor allow you to control the zones of your space you wish to heat, cutting down your energy costs, and providing you more precise comfort.

Wireless Sensor Accessory


Its small, compact design provides remote temperature and humidity sensing. This sensor uses Bluetooth Low Energy to provide long service life.

Consult Your Contractor

A specially trained Mitsubishi Electric Contractor can give you expert advice on the outdoor unit best suited to your specific needs.

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