Residential System Builder

Designing multi-zone systems is easier than ever before

Residential System Builder is a comprehensive, easy-to-use tool for quick and easy design of residential multi-zone systems.

Easy-to-use Tool Makes Design a Snap


You are guided through each step of the design process including recommended units, branch boxes and configuration.

Product Recommendations and Compatibility Checks

The system will recommend units, generate accurate system requirements and configurations, calculate de-rates, validate line lengths and more.

Project Organization

Create custom folders for projects by account or by customer for quick reference.

Multi-Device Access

Log-in from any compatible device to view your jobs.

Export Parts list

When your system design is complete, you can export your parts list. Email it to your distributor for seamless pricing.

A few simple steps for a system design

Create a Project

Name a project based on the homeowner and access it from any supported device.

Define Design Conditions

Input heating and cooling setpoints, select ASHRAE weather data by your city and size your system by square footage or Btu/h.

Define Zones

Unlimited number of zones can be added and can be loaded in Btu/h or room dimensions.

Add Equipment

Based on your conditions, you can choose from recommended indoor units, outdoor units and branch boxes, and assign piping length.

Confirm Plan and Export Parts List

Review system and capacity designs, build your parts list, add in any special parts and then export the parts list for pricing.


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