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How does it work?

A heat pump is an energy-efficient cooling and heating system that is installed outside of your home and connected to an indoor mini-split unit. It cycles hot and cold air where you want it depending on the season. Learn more about how these residential HVAC systems provide personalized comfort throughout your home year-round.

Which home HVAC system is right for you?

Whether you have a room that runs too hot, stays too cold or need an HVAC solution for the entire home, our residential HVAC systems are versatile and perfectly suited for virtually any situation.

Stay up to date on heat pump news, product updates, rebates, and learn how our how our high-efficiency heat pumps are improving the way we live and the communities we live in.
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Our Heat Pump Technology

Mini-splits consist of an outdoor condensing unit that uses two refrigerant lines to connect as many as eight indoor units, providing better, more customizable temperature control for a single zone or throughout your entire home.

Our INVERTER-driven compressor in the outdoor units restricts energy use to exactly what is needed to cool or heat an area, so you get ultra-efficiency.

Ducted Hybrid or All-Electric?

intelli-HEAT™ Dual Fuel System

intelli-HEAT™ Dual Fuel System

This smart system not only improves air conditioning efficiency on hot days, but also determines the best source of heat (gas or electricity) on cold days, so your HVAC system is always running at peak efficiency and comfort.

Ducted All-Electric Air Handler

Ducted All-Electric Air Handler

Our all-electric ducted indoor air handlers can replace older, less efficient central units and furnaces while using existing ductwork. The horizontal-ducted units take up less space and allow you to more efficiently manage smaller comfort zones with compact duct runs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a heat pump replace a fuel-burning system?

Yes. Our zero emissions all electric H2i® heat pumps can provide reliable heating even when temperatures outside are below zero.

How do Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Air Conditioning Systems reduce my carbon footprint?

When you replace or supplement your traditional fuel-burning system with an all-electric zero emissions heat pump, you can get the same or better level of heating performance with less energy, reducing carbon emissions.

How much do Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Air Conditioning Systems cost?

There are several factors that contribute to overall price, such as the size of your room or home, ceiling height, insulation, windows and more. This is why we recommend you reach out to a local HVAC contractor for best recommendations and pricing information.

Control In Your Hands

Our kumo cloud® app delivers personalized comfort to your fingertips, allowing you to manage the temperature of each room or zone of your home from wherever you may be.

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Best money I've spent in my house. I absolutely love my unit.


We have these units and they are wonderful. Nice in the fall when you just want to knock the chill down but don't want to turn on the boiler. Great for cooling also in the summer.


We use the heat year-round and we live in New England and the AC is used all summer long. Our heating bill is amazing!!!