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Mitsubishi Electric's Dual Barrier Coating

Mitsubishi Electric’s Dual Barrier Coating works as a two-barrier coating with blended “fluorine particles” that prevent hydrophilic dirt penetration and “hydrophilic particles” that prevent hydrophobic dirt from getting into the air conditioner.

EZ FIT® Ductless Ceiling-Cassette

EZ FIT® Ductless Ceiling Cassette is a sleek and modern ceiling-mounted mini-split option that fit between standard joist.

Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay RVX Ventilators

This high-performance energy recovery ventilator improves comfort and indoor air quality while decreasing the load on your HVAC system.

Introducing kumo cloud® and kumo station®

Introducing kumo cloud® and kumo station® from Mitsubishi Electric.

PLA 3D i-see Sensor®

The 3D i-see Sensor® is an infrared sensor that measures the temperature at multiple points across the room.

Building Connect+ Video for cloud based control of buildings

A cloud-based integration solution that seamlessly connects CITY MULTI VRF and third-party equipment under one simple to use interface.