On Earth Day, Choose a Clean Energy Future with Mitsubishi Electric

Updated: May 2022
On Earth Day, Choose a Clean Energy Future with Mitsubishi Electric

On Earth Day 2022, Mitsubishi Electric joins ENERGY STAR® and communities across our country to celebrate action. We’re celebrating every individual, family and business helping to create our clean energy future. You can join us. Reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is a collective challenge, but you have the power to act. The only “passivity” we’re recognizing today will be inspired by our friends at PHIUS or Passive House Accelerator.

Your energy choices count. Reducing your energy use and preparing your home to run on electricity generated by renewable sources are among the most significant actions you and your family can take to help us achieve a prosperous and sustainable future. Happily, you’ll make the biggest impact by choosing energy-efficient appliances and high-performance heat pumps. Household products with the ENERGY STAR label are independently certified for energy efficiency and typically deliver better user experiences than their outdated, inefficient counterparts. This means smarter energy choices are a win/win for your family and the environment. Here’s the basic path ENERGY STAR suggests as you get your home ready for our clean energy future.

On Earth Day, Choose a Clean Energy Future with Mitsubishi Electric


Heat Pumps: A High-impact Energy-efficiency Improvement

Notice the mention of heat pump technology in step three of the infographic?

Upgrading to variable-capacity heat pump technology can transform your home with energy efficiency, lower carbon emissions and superior comfort. Mitsubishi Electric offers the most ENERGY STAR-certified heat pump configurations in the industry. Our systems use variable-speed INVERTER-driven compressor technology for a precise, economical approach to heating and air conditioning in any climate. After reaching your preferred indoor temperature set point, the system continues to run smoothly, consuming the minimal amount of electricity needed to maintain your comfort. Our systems offer zone-by-zone temperature control and operate using up to 40 percent less energy than standard systems.

As utilities convert more electricity generation to renewable sources like wind, hydroelectric and solar, our variable-capacity heat pump’s environmental footprint gets smaller. Also, if we look back at ENERGY STAR’s step two (“switch to green power”), high-performance heat pumps empower you to run your home comfortably on solar power. Energy efficiency is a prerequisite for using solar power effectively given the need for electricity at night or on cloudy days.

Burn Less, Breathe Better

If you have a fossil-fuel-burning furnace or boiler at home, they emit carbon dioxide whenever they generate heat. Burning fossil fuels to heat homes and commercial buildings accounts for 13 percent of total GHG emissions in the United States, per the EPA. When you choose a high-performance variable-capacity heat pump, you’re reducing or eliminating on-site combustion. Our all-electric heat pumps give you energy-efficient air conditioning and gas-free heating. This means cleaner air for your family and community.

At Mitsubishi Electric, we provide products and solutions to empower homeowners and businesses to make sustainable choices they’ll love. Your energy choices count for the environment and your personal comfort.

To learn more about our high-performance heat pumps, visit MitsubishiComfort.com.

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