intelli-HEAT dual fuel cased coil product cutaway


Intelligent Hybrid Home Tech

Upgrade your current HVAC system to a Hybrid Dual Fuel Heat Pump and significantly reduce gas usage and CO2 emissions.

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SMART MULTI® Three-phase Outdoor Unit


Three-phase SMART MULTI is a line of multi-zone outdoor units compatible with M-Series, P-Series, and CITY MULTI® indoor units. The lineup includes systems with 6-, 8-, and 10-ton capacity options. Connecting up to 30 CITY MULTI and up to 12 M- and P-Series indoor units, there are many options to choose from to suit your specific needs.

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GS Hyper-heating outdoor unit


Introducing the latest addition to the Mitsubishi Electric family of Hyper-heating outdoor units, the MUZ-GS. With 100% heating capacity down to 5 degrees and guaranteed heating at -13, this all-climate heat pump can keep you cozy even on the coldest night.

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EZ FIT® Ceiling Cassette


The MLZ-KP EZ FIT® Ceiling Cassette recesses between the ceiling joists providing a clean flush-mount appearance. The slim body design fits into shallow ceiling cavities making the EZ FIT a popular selection for room upgrades or new construction projects. High/low ceiling airflow settings and automatic vane control personalize room comfort.

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Premier Wall-Mounted Indoor Unit


Our most flexible indoor solution offers a wide range of sizes, from 6 to 24 KBTU/H, and applications. The MSZ-GS is compatible with Mitsubishi Electric’s single-zone and multi-zone heat pumps or the H2i® systems. Its counterpart, the MSY-GS, is a single-zone air conditioner for climates where heating is not necessary.

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Simple Ductless Wired Controller


The SDW remote controller is simple and easy to use. The low-cost controller is the perfect choice for multi-family applications. It features a color screen and works with existing thermostat wire, making replacing controllers a valuable time-saver.


The remote is enabled with a programming feature for maximum convenience. The user has access to 7-day scheduling with custom presets.

Temperature and Humidity Sensing

Use the dual setpoint auto changeover and a customizable 4-digit PIN to adjust settings to fit the needs of each user. Stay informed of the changes in home temperature and humidity with helpful error codes and written descriptions.

Auto-DRY Mode Function

Control the humidity of the environment with the Auto-DRY mode function, which helps control the moisture level of the indoor air.

Compatible with Standard Thermostat Wire

When swapping out controls for the new remote, the SDW controller connects using existing thermostat wire for easy installation.

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Deluxe Wall-Mounted Indoor Unit


The MSZ-FS Deluxe Wall-mounted Indoor Unit features a 3D i-see Sensor® and offers dual vane operation. The 3D i-see Sensor scans the room, measuring temperature and occupant location. Indirect or Direct airflow settings divert supply air away from or toward room occupants. The unit's interior air duct/vane, coil, and fan features Dual Barrier Coating, which maintains efficiency by keeping the inside clean. The MSZ-FS offers triple filtration, a backlit hand controller, and other premium features.

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