VRF Solutions

Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US introduced VRF zoning technology to the United States and has continued to advance the category with industry-leading products, training, and support. Our VRF experts have helped solve complex HVAC challenges in buildings of practically every shape and size across the country.

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The First Two-Pipe Simultaneous Cooling & Heating VRF System

Cooling Mode

Refrigerant is delivered from the outdoor unit to the BC Controller, which contains a liquid/gas separator. Liquid refrigerant is sent from the BC Controller to the indoor units in the zones that require cooling.

Heating Mode

By separating liquid and gas at the BC Controller, warm refrigerant can be sent to indoor units in zones that require heating.

Save Time and Money

Our heat recovery systems are the first VRF system that requires two pipes to provide simultaneous cooling and heating. This reduces the cost of the piping and decreases the complexity required to make connections during the installation process.

Diamond Controls™ for Integrated Building Management

Diamond Controls can integrate almost any mechanical system (such as cooling and heating systems, lighting, elevators and escalators, ventilation, and more) from any manufacturer. Such versatility is made even better by scalability; users can manage multiple tenant spaces within the same building, multiple buildings on a site and multiple sites. Learn more about our Diamond Controls solution.

Why Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US?

Variable Refrigerant Flow systems are the cutting edge in commercial air-conditioning technology. Our VRF and ductless systems deliver outstanding energy efficiency and precise comfort controls for any commercial project. 

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