The CITY MULTI® N-Generation VRF HVAC, a Big Advancement in a Smaller Package

Our latest CITY MULTI VRF systems give you the design and operational flexibility your projects demand. Let us show you how N-Generation is a better way to heat and cool any building, anywhere.

Get to Know N-Generation

Take a peek inside and see what makes CITY MULTI N-Generation units our best ever.

Improved Design Flexibility

More design freedom with up to a 30% footprint reduction

Our unique, new four-sided heat exchanger reduces overall unit size, delivering more application flexibility.

Simplified VRF system design with new Branch Circuit (BC) controllers

Connect up to 11 sub BC Controllers to one main BC Controller, greatly increasing design options. Our latest BC Controllers feature a height reduction and service access from the bottom.

Reduce sound disruption with even quieter units

The introduction of five airflow settings, along with a redesigned compressor and fan, reduce noise levels across all models.

Save time and money with reduced refrigerant charge

Reduce installation time and materials with up to a 13% refrigerant reduction (vs. L-Generation).

Easier VRF system design with expanded vertical piping limits

Increase outdoor unit placement options with vertical piping limits expanded from 164 feet to 295 feet.

Broader capacity range for more application options

N-Generation outdoor units are available in capacities from 6 to 32 tons.

Improved Operational Flexibility

Significant efficiency

Features like the new heat exchanger, compressor and fan design improve both nominal and seasonal efficiency levels for an up to 27% IEER improvement over prior generations, even at part-load conditions.

Maintenance that’s easier
than ever

Built-in data storage, accessible via USB, stores up to five days of operational data. Using Maintenance Tool, diagnosis and troubleshooting your VRF system is made even easier.

Better performance even in the
coldest climates

Flash injection technology is now standard in N-Generation High Efficiency models, with up to 78% heating capacity down to -13° F outdoor ambient.

Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US (METUS) reaffirms its technology leadership with CITY MULTI N-Generation, delivering application and design flexibility, along with leading efficiency for virtually all applications.

With operating and lifecycle costs lower than you probably thought, now is the time to get comfortable with CITY MULTI VRF.

The support you need for vrf success

No one supports VRF better than Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US. From industry-leading education and training through hands-on project support, we’ll be with you every step of the way. And, with a powerful network of distribution, installation and service professionals, you’ll have access to the products and personnel you need to make VRF work for you.