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Personalized Comfort
While still offering a breadth of luxury, the only real catch to micro homes is their size...
Conscious of growing changes to the American lifestyle, today’s hottest architectural trends seek to add value to our lives—providing features that keep us healthy, interconnected, and productive. 
The dime-a-dozen suburban homes of yesteryear are rapidly losing their appeal, as smart, urban alternatives emerge. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a number of home trends, from micro homes to smart homes. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. As lifestyles and technology change and evolve, so do our homes. (Living like the Jetsons is no longer farfetched.)
If you’ve ever felt the urge to streamline your lifestyle—to move someplace smaller, healthier, and more interesting—keep reading. Leave the monotony of suburbia behind, as you enter the exciting, customized world of micro homes.  

Turning Tradition On Its Head

If you’re tired of slogging through lanes of traffic every morning, are puzzled by acres of seemingly identical green lawns—or you’re simply yearning for a change of pace—you may be in the market for an urban micro home. 
Reversing a trend that began in the 1960s—where families fled city life for more spacious, but less colorful digs in the suburbs—the micro-home movement is redefining how we live. Micro homes bring us back to densely populated downtown areas and thriving mixed-use neighborhoods.  

Small Space, Big Style 

While still offering a breadth of luxury, the only real catch to micro homes is their size: with urban space at a premium, micro homes are small, measuring in around 1000 square feet and under. At first, this may sound like a big step down. But intelligent use of prefab technologies, passive house design, and clever engineering can make these micro environments a cozy, luxurious alternative to cookie-cutter, suburban homes. 

You Live In What?

Ranging from DIY, repurposed shipping containers to state-of-the-art laneway houses with passive environmental technologies, micro houses are a real mixed bag, architecturally speaking. 
Micro homes are small on space, but not imagination. From a twelve-by-twelve home in the Northern California woods to a sustainable home made from an up-cycled crop silo, the possibilities are endless. 
One of our favorite micro homes is a quaint, loft-style one-room cabin—170 square feet to be exact—in the rural fringes of Seattle. This retreat in the woods—home to a couple and their pets—features a lofted bedroom overhead, a living/work space in the entryway, and a kitchen and bathroom in the rear. 
Here are a few more ideas we love: 
  • Sleek, modernist cubes with floor-to-ceiling windows (and style to boot).
  • Ultra-tiny, pre-fabricated pod houses, often shaped like a gumdrop or geodesic dome.
  • Drop houses that overcome space issues in densely populated urban environments.
  • Rolling huts, inspired by mobile guest houses, that move across the land they occupy.
The possibilities are limitless. (If you can dream it, chances are you can live in it.) Read this article from TheCoolist to get a taste for what’s possible.


TheCoolist: Tiny Houses — 10 Magnificent Micro-House Masterworks

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