Whether you are looking for more information regarding our systems, or searching for resources on how to make your space more comfortable, healthy or efficient - we have you covered.
Hospitality and Large Hotels
When it comes to hotel customer satisfaction, comfort is everything. It’s the first thing guests notice, and, likewise, the first thing they will complain about. But with Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US, you can keep all of your guests happy with quiet and discreet custom comfort for every room or zone, while reducing energy usage and costs.
Higher Education
Higher education campuses possess a wide variety of conditioning needs, from dorm rooms and administrative offices to gymnasiums and lecture halls. Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US VRF systems can provide exceptional comfort, energy efficiency and indoor air quality for each unique space on campus. Additionally, they offer flexibility to accommodate change or expansion as your campus grows.  
Critical Cooling - Data Center
Your data center is likely one of the prominent energy consumers in your commercial space, so you won’t want to waste energy keeping it cool. And at Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US, we understand the value of the information these systems control, which is why we always strive to exceed your expectation for data center critical cooling.
Mini-Split and Heat Pump Systems for Whole Home Heating and Air Conditioning
Mini-splits make it easy to add heating and air conditioning to bonus rooms, attics, garages, basements, home offices and any new or previously unconditioned space. Did you know the same technology can be used to heat and cool your entire home as a heat-pump air conditioner? Modern mini- and multi-split heat pumps are increasingly popular as a means to shrink residential carbon footprints and reduce utility costs.
Bedroom That’s Too Hot or Cold
Sleep is a critical component of our overall wellbeing. Setting the right type of environment for sleep can make the difference between meaningful rest or a night counting sheep. Having a dark and cool room is optimal, but it’s not economical or comfortable to set your whole home back to 65 degrees every night. There is a better way! Zoned, split-ductless heat pump systems can offer the energy-efficient comfort you need for a good night’s rest!
Oil, propane, or gas-heated home
Homeowners with legacy oil, propane and gas heaters are discovering how our mini- and multi-split systems can help solve long-standing comfort and sustainability challenges. In regions like the Northeast, homeowners who’ve experienced heating oil price fluctuations may be particularly motivated to consider our all-electric systems.
What are High Performance and Net Zero Houses?
Considering a high-performance home but unsure what is involved? Compared to the average build, a high-performance home emphasizes comfort, wellness, efficiency, sustainability and durability in the design and construction of the structure and systems. High-performance homes require a holistic approach to their design and function in order to achieve the high standards of efficiency, indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and overall sustainability. The structure is designed to require minimal energy and the home’s systems are engineered to optimize the overall performance.  
Zoned Home
Dividing a home into zones is a popular way to customize comfort and potentially increase your home’s value. You can make a single room a zone or you can establish a larger zone consisting of multiple rooms or an entire floor. Whatever you choose, zoning enables you to establish preferred temperature set points for each area to match how you use the space. For example, your media room, home office, playroom, bedrooms and kitchen could have individual set points without affecting comfort throughout the home.   
Tiny House Heating and Air Conditioning
In the last decade, tiny homes have gone from being a fun novelty to a viable living option. Particularly for millennials ready to purchase their first home, these tiny dwellings have become more attractive as a smaller footprint and minimal furnishings foster sustainability and cost-efficiency.  
Sunroom Heating and Air Conditioning
If there’s a place with perfect weather year-round, most of us aren’t lucky enough to live there. Depending on your latitude, you may spend a chunk of your year bundled up against freezing winters or desperately trying to keep cool in summer heat. But the thought of staying cooped up inside all day without feeling the sun on your skin isn’t much more appealing.