She Shed

Updated: September 2023
She Shed

Ladies, we know how hard you work. Whether you’re a mother, career woman, student, caretaker, business owner, or any combination of the above, you deserve your own space to relax. Enter, the she shed. 


What started as an alliterative backyard hideaway where a woman might go to work on hobbies, read, stash a guilty-pleasure snack or simply escape the stress of the day has in recent years risen in the ranks on many women’s home wish lists. Demand grew at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic as Americans became home-bound, and women saw she sheds in a new light: a private home office space. But as normal life resumed, the she shed’s appeal persisted. Designated personal space was the biggest draw, but these standalone structures can be more cost-effective and less disruptive to build than a home addition.  


Take comfort with you

When you retreat to your she shed for peace and quiet, you expect to be comfortable. Good news: with a mini-split heating and air-conditioning system, you can enjoy precise comfort with minimal energy costs and no carbon emissions.


Mini-split systems can be set up in a one-to-one configuration, using just a few main components. An indoor unit, which can be wall-mounted, ceiling-recessed or floor-mounted, connects to an outdoor condenser via small refrigerant lines. A wireless or wired remote controller provides the comfort control.


Mini-splits from Mitsubishi Electric operate using INVERTER-driven compressor technology. With this technology, the unit only produces the amount of heating or cooling that the space needs. The unit creates smooth, even indoor temperatures with minimal energy use by continually running once turned on to maintain your ideal temperature. That said, if you use your she shed infrequently, you can set back its temperature or turn off conditioning using our smart controls. 


Added benefits and unit options

Your she shed should be your private oasis, an escape from any hustle and bustle awaiting you in the main house. A key part of any oasis? Quiet. Mini-split systems from Mitsubishi Electric operate at ultra-quiet sound levels, so there’s no need to worry about any distracting hum or buzzing taking away from your peaceful environment. 


The neighborhood environment also benefits from the zero-emission comfort system you’re adding to your favorite backyard space. 


If protection against outdoor conditions is a concern, have no fear! Our mini-split units are available with Hyper-Heating INVERTER® (H2i®) technology and operate at 100 percent of rated capacity in temperatures as low as 5° F, with continued operation down to -13° F. Select units, such as our Deluxe Wall-mounted Indoor Unit, are available with H2i plus™ technology, allowing them to perform at 100 percent capacity down to -5° F. The Deluxe Wall-mounted Indoor Unit also features an industry-first Dual Barrier Coating, protecting the unit’s parts from damaging airborne particle buildup and maintaining your indoor air quality. 


Additionally, units can aid in reducing moisture buildup in the air. Leaving them running, especially in Dry Mode, keeps your indoor environment more comfortable and helps protect furnishings and valuables.


Whether you use your she shed to get work done, binge-watch reality TV, practice a craft or enjoy some well-deserved alone time, a mini-split system can help you enjoy a comfortable, quiet space and keep your energy costs low. 

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