Home Without Ductwork

Updated: December 2022
Home Without Ductwork

So, your home has old-world charm thanks to its colonial, craftsman or Victorian architecture. Or maybe it’s a 1970s-style ranch or New England Cape Cod. The common technology missing in these home styles’ design is HVAC ductwork. 


When you decide to upgrade your home’s heating and air-conditioning system to a more energy-efficient option, you have a lot of choices to make. Fortunately, those choices aren’t limited by your home’s lack of existing ductwork. Mitsubishi Electric offers ductless all-electric mini- and multi-split heat pump systems to meet any home’s comfort needs.


No ductwork, no problem

Whether you’re resolving a hot or cold spot, renovating, building an addition or upgrading your whole-home system to boost energy efficiency, no ductwork is no problem. 


Our ductless systems consist of just a few main components: an outdoor condenser, an indoor unit (which can be wall-mounted, ceiling-recessed or floor-mounted). The units communicate environmental conditions in real-time and adjust to maintain your ideal temperature, and using INVERTER-driven compressor technology, use only the precise amount of energy needed to meet demand. Additionally, comprehensive smart controls make setting your desired temperature a breeze.


Benefits of staying ductless

If your home doesn’t have existing ductwork to repurpose, a ductless heating and air-conditioning system limits disruption to your home’s existing architecture, which can be difficult to preserve in older or historic homes. Installation is generally simpler and requires less materials than ducted systems.


With our ductless mini- and multi-split systems, you’ll get reliable, energy-efficient heating and air-conditioning even in extreme ambient conditions. If you’re supplementing an existing heating system, you can think of it as getting air-conditioning as a bonus! All of our ductless units come with washable, accessible, easy-to-clean filters, making maintenance hassle-free. 


Perhaps the most significant benefit of a ductless system is zoning capabilities. With our Zoned Comfort Solutions®, you can create unique comfort zones within your home, connecting up to eight indoor units to an outdoor unit. Each unit within a zone can be individually controlled or turned off altogether when not in use, without affecting the settings or performance of the rest of the system. 


Case in point

McVille Manor was built in 1814 in Madison, Alabama, and is listed on the National and State Registers of Historic Places. The 2,200-square-foot house has changed over the years, but until 2016, one thing remained constant: its lack of reliable, whole-home heating and air conditioning. 


Window units and space heaters weren’t cutting it against Alabama’s diverse climate, where hot, humid summers and winter freezes are both expected. As badly as the homeowners wanted comfort, they also needed to preserve the historical home’s structural integrity. Concerns included a lack of space for ductwork and a risk of the 200-year-old bricks crumbling under the weight of a traditional HVAC system. Additionally, the system needed to operate quietly and without attracting attention since the home frequently hosts tours, weddings and events.


The answer was a ductless multi-split system. Five, floor-mounted and two wall-mounted indoor units now condition eight unique zones, allowing occupants and visitors alike to enjoy a comfortable indoor environment. Best of all? The home carries on its original structure — with just a few modern upgrades.


If you’re interested in ductless heating and air-conditioning for your home, Mitsubishi Electric can be the solution for you!

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