Garage Heating and Air Conditioning

Updated: August 2023

Garages are good for so much more than simply storing cars! Your home can be enhanced by extending the usable space to your garage. It’s the perfect setting for taking on new projects or hobbies. That said, for most homeowners, garage activities are limited to a few months a year due to extreme winter and summer temperatures. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix!


Mini-Split Systems for Garages

Mini-split heating and air-conditioning systems such as Mitsubishi Electric’s Zoned Comfort Solutions® can transform your garage and open new ways to enjoy the space. These systems are available in a 1:1 configuration, meaning all you need is a singular, compact outdoor condensing unit connected to an indoor unit for premium, year-round comfort. With a variety of ductless indoor unit options, ductwork isn’t needed, saving you installation costs and time.


This design is particularly helpful for homeowners who are renovating their garage space as the separate heating and cooling system will have a minimal impact on their utility bill. Mitsubishi Electric's condensing units with INVERTER-driven compressors only use the exact amount of energy required to reach the desired set point temperature for a zone or space. Not to mention, mini-split systems can be turned off or the temperature set back when not in use. This ensures you’re only paying for the conditioning you need.


Additional Benefits

Think conditioning your garage is more of a “nice to have” than a must-have? Think again. Aside from keeping your garage comfortable, there are a host of other benefits to outfitting this space with a mini-split system:

  1. Up your property value: for most homes, the garage is a large space but a bit of an afterthought. Adding heating and air conditioning gives you more livable space.
  2. Protect your home and property from the elements: particularly for homes in extremely hot or cold climates or those that experience intense weather conditions, a mini-split addition provides protection from the elements. For example, in Arizona where summer temperatures can hit well over 100° F, the heat can actually warp car dashboards. Balancing the heat with cooling protects your investments and acts as a barrier for your home, keeping outdoor temps at bay.
  3. Select cooling-only capability: Specific mini-split systems are now designed with cooling-only functionality. This is ideal for hobbies that require a cool environment. For example, some car aficionados prefer to keep their prized vehicles in a cool environment to keep them in pristine condition. Those without a basement area can also transform their garage into wine storage, preventing the bottles from overheating in warmer months.


Design Options

Three ductless indoor unit options ideal for garage retrofits include the classic wall-mounted indoor unit, the floor-mounted unit and our EZ FIT® Recessed Ceiling Cassette. The wall-mount sits high on the wall and can even be painted to match any aesthetic. The floor-mounted unit can be placed conveniently against an exterior wall and provides great air circulation. The EZ FIT is installed flush to the ceiling and fits easily between standard, 16-inch joists. All unit styles have washable filters and are whisper-quiet — you won’t be disturbed by noisy heating and cooling while you’re woodworking or having neighbors over for a garage hang out.


Let us help you find the right system for your garage transformation! Our specialized Diamond Contractors provide product selection and design expertise.

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