Sunroom Heating and Air Conditioning

Updated: December 2022

If there’s a place with perfect weather year-round, most of us aren’t lucky enough to live there. Depending on your latitude, you may spend a chunk of your year bundled up against freezing winters or desperately trying to keep cool in summer heat. But the thought of staying cooped up inside all day without feeling the sun on your skin isn’t much more appealing.


To enjoy sunshine and natural year-round views while staying comfortable no matter the outdoor temperature, a sunroom heated and cooled by a ductless mini-split from Mitsubishi Electric is a great solution!


Mini-split benefits

Although sunrooms are an extension of your home, they’re often excluded from heating and air-conditioning systems serving everyday areas, such as your bedroom, kitchen and living room. Generally, this is because they’re used irregularly or were added on.


Either scenario makes a strong case for adding a separate mini-split system to heat and cool your sunroom. You won’t need to increase the energy load on your existing heating and air-conditioning system, and the system will maintain the ideal temperature setpoint for the singular space efficiently and effectively. This is possible thanks to mini-splits’ ability to operate using just a few main components: indoor units, which come in a range of styles to offer design flexibility and outdoor condensing units, which run on INVERTER-driven technology and use only the precise amount of energy needed, and finally, controls, giving homeowners the option to customize their comfort.


Additional benefits include customizable comfort, allowing you to adjust your unit’s temperature setpoint quickly and easily, or turn it off altogether if your sunroom isn’t getting used. Both our indoor and outdoor units are also ultra-quiet, keeping your sun-basking time calm and serene.


What are your options?

Your mini-split system will be designed and sized for the space it’s conditioning, and a variety of indoor unit styles accommodate your sunroom’s design, however unique it is:


  • If the room is attached to your home using standard construction sidewalls, a wall-mounted indoor unit can be installed quickly and securely. Our new Deluxe Wall-mounted Indoor Unit features a patented Dual Barrier Coating to combat buildup of airborne particles, such as pollen and dust, which your sunroom may be especially vulnerable to if it has an exterior door. 
  • If your sunroom is glassed in on three sides, an EZ FIT® Recessed Ceiling Cassette fits flush with the ceiling and won’t use up valuable remaining wall space. 
  • Floor-mounted indoor units are also great options for sunrooms that feature knee walls higher than two feet. They blend seamlessly into your design without obstructing your view.


Case in point

For the Waggoner family relocating to Washington, D.C., the second-story sunroom attached to the back of a potential home sealed the deal. They envisioned relaxing afternoons spent comfortably enjoying their lush backyard and city views beyond, even as the temperature outside fluctuated. But upon arrival at their new address, they quickly discovered that their sunroom oasis was more of a nightmare thanks to shoddy insulation and a neglected heating and air-conditioning system unable to accommodate the home’s added square footage. 


Enter a Mitsubishi Electric ductless mini-split system. The family’s contractor replaced the outdated ductwork with a ductless system, creating new zones within the home which meant the sunroom could not only be conditioned adequately, but also be controlled independently of the rest of the house. The family was finally able to enjoy their sunroom in the way they always imagined.


A ductless mini-split is ideal for home additions, like sunrooms, where customizable comfort is most desired!

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