Electric Heat Pump Systems for a Quieter Solution

Updated: October 2023
Home Needing Quieter Solution

Your home should be a safe haven, your place to be completely comfortable. But let’s face it, a loud home isn’t a relaxing home. Think about when your dog barks at the mailman, a bowl clatters to the floor in the kitchen, or the kids have an impromptu dance party right above your ceiling. These sounds on occasion are fine, but they’re not something you want to hear all day, every day. So why would you settle for constant noise from your heating and air-conditioning system?


Sound levels matter

Traditional HVAC systems are among the most common culprits of aggravating background noise in a home, but homeowners often feel they don’t have a choice between sacrificing solitude for a comfortable indoor environment. What if you could have the best of both worlds: a high-performance, high-quality heating and air-conditioning system with ultra-quiet operation?


All-electric heat pump mini-split systems from Mitsubishi Electric operate at ultra-quiet sound levels! Gone are the days of the distracting hum of an indoor unit interfering with your concentration or loud outdoor units putting a damper on your backyard dinner party. 


A low-maintenance solution for every aesthetic

Mini- and multi-split heating and air-conditioning units from Mitsubishi Electric are available in a variety of ductless and ducted styles. Whether your style is more ductless wall-mounted, recessed ceiling cassette or ducted, any indoor unit you select will operate quietly. 


Operating with INVERTER-driven compressor technology, the outdoor unit runs smoothly using only the precise amount of energy needed to maintain constant temperature set point. This ensures there’s no noisy on/off cycling like with traditional systems. This method of operation reduces energy waste and helps improve the atmosphere of your home.


Not only are they design-friendly and efficient, but Mitsubishi Electric units also make filter changes and access to servicing a breeze! Improper maintenance is often the cause of clicking, clanging or buzzing noises from your heating and air-conditioning systems. All Mitsubishi Electric units come with washable, long-lasting filters, making maintenance a breeze and mitigating the chances of your system suddenly making unfamiliar sounds. 


Case in point

When Mark and Jen Athanacio built an oceanfront tiny home in Naples, Florida, they knew they needed to be strategic about their building design and materials. At just 224 square feet, there wasn’t room for wasted space nor putting up with an uncomfortable living environment.


They required a heating and air-conditioning system to keep them cool in the Florida heat without taking away from their seaside ambiance. A reliable and quiet HVAC solution was key. Enter Mitsubishi Electric’s M-Series system, including one wall-mounted indoor unit and an outdoor unit. 


The homeowners could utilize their limited indoor space without worrying about distracting noise and enjoy their serene outdoor views without the hum of an outdoor unit taking away from the experience. 


Some cities even enforce nighttime noise ordinances in residential areas. For example, Seattle has imposed a limit of 45 dB(A) at the property line, which most conventional HVAC equipment won’t meet. Mini-split heat pumps in side yards are permitted without a noise review, highlighting their incredibly quiet operation and neighborhood-friendly sound levels. 


If you’re looking for a quieter heating and air-conditioning solution for your home, big or small, a Mitsubishi Electric system is the answer.

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