Should I Go With Ductless or Ducted?

Updated: July 2021
Should I Go With Ductless or Ducted?

Mini-splits gained an early reputation for being great hot- and cold-spot solutions. They were also called “ductless-splits” because your only options were ductless-styled indoor units. The options have come a long way. Mitsubishi Electric offers ductless, ducted or a mix of ductless and ducted indoor units for every lifestyle and type of home. Ductless models include wall- and floor-mounted and ceiling cassettes. Ducted air handlers include compact horizontal style and larger multi-position options.

Whether considering a whole-house system for your new home, or supplementing or replacing an existing system, your Diamond Contractor® can help recommend the best options. Here’s a few tips to get you started.



Many situations call for ductless-type indoor units. Consider a ductless system to supplement an existing central system, because adding or extending ductwork just isn’t efficient or practical. Perhaps you need heating and air-conditioning for a new room addition or an unconditioned room (like an attic or room above the garage) you’re converting to livable space. Maybe you prefer high ceilings and don’t want to sacrifice height to build bulky ductwork into the ceiling. In any of these scenarios, ductless systems solve design challenges since they don’t require new ductwork. 

Ductless systems are also great when your family prefers multiple comfort zones in the home. Each zone can have an individually controlled indoor unit to maintain your preferred temperature set point, matching how you use the zone. With this approach, you can customize comfort for your office, media room, exercise room, bedrooms and other spaces.



Consider a ducted system if you’re able to repurpose existing ductwork. Your contractor can replace an old gas furnace with our electric air handler and heat pump to improve your home’s efficiency and sustainability. Ducted systems also make sense if you prefer a fully hidden comfort system.

Depending on your region, your personal comfort needs and your new home’s design, a ducted mini-split system may be a better fit for your home’s total performance strategy, which could also include complementary equipment for ventilation, filtration and humidity management. In these scenarios, a multi-position air handler or compact horizontal-ducted unit provides heating and air conditioning for your whole home. Or your contractor might recommend a hybrid system where ducted units serve larger zones and ductless units handle smaller zones. Our multi-split systems are flexible to handle your unique comfort requirements.

Mitsubishi Electric offers heating and air-conditioning systems for every home type and lifestyle. Whether you choose a ductless, ducted or hybrid system, you’re getting personalized, energy-efficient comfort all year-round. For more information, check out our page explaining the design flexibility of mini-splits.

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