Heat Pump Systems with Boiler-Heated Homes

Updated: October 2023
Boiler-Heated Home

Mitsubishi Electric’s mini- and multi-split systems provide total heating and cooling for a whole home, or you can use them to supplement an existing boiler. This approach is common in colder regions when a homeowner has a boiler they prefer to stay operational. Thanks to our cold-climate heating performance, our all-electric heat pump technology becomes the primary heater, and the boiler remains a backup heating source.


Heat pump magic

Heat pumps are also air conditioners, so they provide reliable, zoned air conditioning to supplement your existing cooling system, or add air conditioning if your home doesn't already have it. To provide zero-emissions heating, Mitsubishi Electric systems utilize compression and heat transfer rather than fuel combustion. The system supplies air conditioning by reversing the process and moving heat from inside your home to the outdoors. This method makes our zero-emission all-electric systems more efficient and sustainable than conventional boilers. Boilers generate heat by burning fossil fuels and can’t produce more heat than they consume as energy. In comparison, heat pumps can provide up to three times more energy as heat than they use as electricity. If you rely on a mini-split or multi-split heat-pump system for most of your heating, you can potentially reduce your heating costs due to increased energy efficiency. Also, if you want to replace your boiler, consider a Mitsubishi Electric system with Hyper-Heating® INVERTER® (H2i®) technology. Systems with H2i technology can provide reliable and efficient heat when it's below freezing outside. In fact, you will get 100% of the system's stated capacity even when it's 5° F outdoors.


As electric grids modernize and incorporate more renewable energy, choosing a mini-split or multi-split can reduce your carbon footprint. Burning fossil fuels contributes to climate change and pollution due to combustion byproducts including carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter 2.5 (PM 2.5). With all-electric heat pump “magic,” improving your personal comfort is ultimately a win for the planet.


Find your comfort zone

A Mitsubishi Electric heat-pump system can be a mini-split with an outdoor unit connected to an indoor unit or a multi-split with an outdoor unit connected to up to eight indoor units. Your contractor can divide your home into comfort zones based on how you use each space, and each zone will have an indoor unit to maintain your preferred set point. The outdoor unit’s INVERTER-driven compressor varies the system’s capacity to maintain each zone’s set point using minimal energy to match the heating or cooling demand communicated by the indoor unit. 


Ductless indoor unit styles include ceiling cassettes, wall- and floor-mounted models. Ducted options include multi-position air-handlers and horizontal-ducted units. You can select ductless, ducted or a mix of both types, but in any case, you’ll improve your home environment with precise comfort control and energy efficiency.


Whether you’re replacing your boiler or looking for an all-electric complement to increase your comfort, sustainability and cost savings, Mitsubishi Electric has a solution for your home. Contact a local Diamond Contractor to get started.

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