Office Building

Updated: July 2023
Office Building

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, so a single office building is often half in the cool morning shade, while the other half is in warm, direct sun. This is one of the key reasons we created Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology. VRF is cutting edge commercial air-conditioning technology – the only two-pipe simultaneous heating and air conditioning system in the world. Proven in the field under rigorous conditions, two-pipe technology is not only cheaper to install, but is durable, reliable, energy efficient and provides superior levels of accurate temperature control.



VRF satisfies the demands of diverse building occupants with flexibility and efficiency. And it provides the customized comfort control that can help you increase occupancy and rental rates. 

Our zoned technology allows tenants to control their comfort independently within their own space, whether it be a corner office with many windows or an interior office that isn’t exposed to direct sun. Even diverse spaces such as cubicles, closed offices, conference rooms, break rooms, server rooms, data centers or even fitness centers can be precisely and individually controlled. Our indoor units and controllers can sense temperature, humidity, lighting and occupancy — which eliminates hot and cold spots, and allows for even greater accuracy.



Due to our highly efficient design and technology, tenants will hardly notice units are there at all. Our indoor units are quieter than a human whisper and come in a variety of designs, like wall-mounted, ceiling or floor-standing, to meet the needs and style of each space within your building. 

Modular VRF zoning systems are equipped with compact outdoor units and low-profile, minimally invasive indoor units. This could allow you to reclaim a mechanical room, refinish rooftops or outdoor areas for usable recreational space or raise interior ceiling heights for increased natural lighting—so you can do more with your same space.



Change is inevitable, but with Mitsubishi Electric, it’s also easy. Thanks to our modular system designs, you’ll find a variety of indoor and outdoor component styles that provide a custom solution for your office building. This allows for easy expansion into new additions or remodeled spaces, without a complete system reconfiguration. It’s also easy to adapt to increased or decreased load demands, should they change, so you’re always only using the exact amount of energy required for maximum results.



Mitsubishi Electric provides a better way to heat and cool any commercial space, in any building, anywhere. Find a Distributor who can help source your order for ducted and ductless commercial products today.