Critical Cooling - Data Center

Updated: February 2022
Critical Cooling - Data Center

Your data center is likely one of the prominent energy consumers in your commercial space, so you won’t want to waste energy keeping it cool. And at Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US, we understand the value of the information these systems control, which is why we always strive to exceed your expectation for data center critical cooling.

Our PUY-7 Outdoor Unit for single-zone cooling offers 24-hour operation at 100% rated cooling capacity, even in colder regions when temperatures could drop to as low as -40° F outside. Additionally, the units offer noise reduction features contributing to an impressively low operating sound level of 44 dB(A), so there’s no excess noise or energy wasted due to conventional start and stop cycles. 



Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US cooling and heating systems maintain optimum control of temperature regulation at all times, due to the “always on” nature of our reliable units. And because of our INVERTER technology, you can trust that your data center will maintain your precise preset temperature around the clock, while also knowing you are using the exact amount of energy required — and nothing more.

Our two-pipe technology also allows for simultaneous cooling and heating. This is because our systems are able to capture thermal energy during cooling, and can then use it to heat surrounding rooms. This is found to be exceptionally helpful in cold regions, where a data center that requires cooling is surrounded by work spaces that require heat — all while connected to a single, compact outdoor unit.



With Mitsubishi Electric VRF solutions, you can rest assured you will save energy and maximize savings in an area that is already ultra-high in energy consumption. Because of our innovative technology, our units use the exact amount of energy needed to cool a data center, making our systems up to 40% more efficient than traditional alternatives that merely switch from “on” to “off”.



Our two-pipe system technology allows for a more custom design configuration when compared to traditional methods that require bulky and more permanent ductwork. It also allows for easier installation, future flexibility and requires less space, so you aren’t bogged down with decisions that can’t easily be altered as your building changes in the future.

Additionally, our compact system configuration frees up more space on roofs and outdoor spaces, allowing you to utilize those spaces for new amenities that you never before thought possible.



Mitsubishi Electric provides a better way to heat and cool any commercial space, in any building, anywhere. Find a Distributor who can help source your order for ducted and ductless commercial products today.