Bedroom That’s Too Hot or Cold

Updated: July 2023
Image of a bedroom with a ceiling-cassette unit installed

Sleep is a critical component of our overall wellbeing. Setting the right type of environment for sleep can make the difference between meaningful rest or a night counting sheep. Having a dark and cool room is optimal, but it’s not economical or comfortable to set your whole home back to 65 degrees every night. There is a better way! Zoned, split-ductless heat pump systems can offer the energy-efficient comfort you need for a good night’s rest!

The zoned difference

Mini-split heat pumps and air conditioners, such as Zoned Comfort Solutions®, can be installed in one of two configurations: a one-to-one design featuring an outdoor condensing unit connected to an indoor unit via small refrigerant lines, or a multi-zone design with an outdoor condensing unit connecting up to eight indoor units. One-to-one configurations are ideal for conditioning a singular room, while multi-zone configurations divide a home into multiple “comfort zones” designated by room and usage. Zoning enables you to customize the temperature set points of each zone without impacting other rooms. Each zone can have a different temperature set point. For example, if you have a baby napping in a nursery upstairs while your older kids are watching a movie in the basement, you can set back the temperature of the nursery to provide a restful sleep environment while elevating the temperature in the basement to keep it warm.

Too hot or too cold

If you currently have an uncomfortable bedroom that’s often too hot or too cold, you’re not alone. For most homes with a traditional, centralized heating and air-conditioning system, long-run ductwork is used. Bedrooms are commonly at the very end of these duct runs with the thermostat typically in the hallway. Conditioned air has farther to travel, resulting in lackluster temperature control. In fact, according to the 2019 American Home Comfort Study, 49 percent of centralized system owners report having at least one room that's too warm in the summer and 52 percent have at least one room that's too cold in the winter.

With mini-split zoning, indoor units are placed directly in the room or near the room you require heating and air conditioning, to ensure you’re receiving the maximum amount of conditioned air efficiently and at the right temperature. This method is more effective and wastes less energy than using ductwork. You’ll also receive the benefit of zoned filtration and humidity control for a healthier environment. To fit any aesthetic and home, Zoned Comfort Solutions offers both ductless and ducted options to make renovating your bedroom for comfort easy!

Ducted styles, including the horizontal-ducted indoor unit and multi-position air handler, are completely hidden and use short-duct runs for maximized energy efficiency. Ductless styles include our wall- and floor-mounted units as well as ceiling cassette models. All units offer whisper-quiet operation for a good night’s rest.

An easy fit for bedrooms

Our EZ FIT® Recessed Ceiling Cassette has been a popular choice for bedroom renovations. The grille of the EZ FIT sits flush to the ceiling and makes temperature and air direction easy to manage.

Mechanical contractor, Richard Poag of Canton Heating & Air, suggests all of his customers install the EZ FIT in their bedrooms. 

“A couple could use the EZ FIT to condition their bedroom while they sleep while other units in their home are adjusted down since the other zones aren’t in use,” noted Poag. “These units are getting very popular because they don’t disturb the look of the room and they work really well.”

If you’re looking to get more restful sleep and fix your comfort issues, let Mitsubishi Electric help you find the right zoned solution!

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