Exercise Room

Updated: December 2022
Exercise Room

Home is a great place to invest your “sweat equity!” Having an exercise room in your home is convenient and a great motivator to make sure you’re sticking to a fitness routine. But whether it’s equipped with all the bells and whistles, a treadmill or just a set of free weights, your home gym is a space where proper air circulation and high indoor air quality (IAQ) matters.

Even in low-intensity workouts, your heart rate is elevated, your lungs require more oxygen and your body works harder than usual to stay cool. Exercising in a hot, stuffy room with poor IAQ is a recipe for disaster — or at least feeling poorly when your workout ends. 


The mini-split difference

A home gym is an ideal place for a ductless or ducted mini-split heating and air-conditioning system from our Zoned Comfort Solutions®! Mini-splits allow homeowners to heat or cool a single zone or individually control up to eight indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit and customize comfort in distinct areas of the home. With a mini-split, you can keep the cool air blasting in your exercise room year-round, even in winter when the rest of the house is toasty warm. 

This also means the unit can be turned on or off based on demand. If you’re taking a break from the gym, you can turn the unit off without impacting the comfort of any other areas in the home. When it’s time to get back to your fitness routine, the unit will cool down the space quickly, like you never even left.

Since mini-splits from Mitsubishi Electric have INVERTER-driven compressors, they’ll only use the precise amount of energy needed to keep you comfortable, meaning your utility costs won’t skyrocket even while your heart rate does.


Other benefits

Our Zoned Comfort Solutions also come with multi-stage filters to capture and remove contaminants that trigger allergy and asthma symptoms, spread illness and impact IAQ. They are washable, easy to remove and last up to 10 years, giving you an easy way to save money and reduce your environmental impact! Platinum Deodorizing filters in select systems use nanotechnology to absorb odors and neutralize even the worst smells, a must-have for any frequently used home gym.

If you’re doing a lower intensity workout, such as yoga, our units pose benefits for you, too! Mitsubishi Electric units operate at ultra-quiet sound levels, so there’s no distracting hum keeping you from reaching your Zen. 


Unit options

Mini-splits come in a variety of unit styles including ductless wall-mounted, floor-mounted, ceiling recessed, as well as ducted multi-position air handlers and horizontal indoor units that require minimal ductwork. There’s an option for every gym-goer’s aesthetic.

While all of our units provide reliable heating and air-conditioning and advanced filtration, select units take the IAQ up a notch with our new Dual Barrier Coating. The coating, applied to the inside of our Deluxe Wall-mounted Indoor Unit, preserves IAQ and system performance by limiting the accumulation of potentially aggravating airborne particles.  

No matter your exercise style, you’re sure to perform at your best for a longer span of time when you’re in a comfortable space and can breathe easily. A Mitsubishi Electric mini-split system is a great choice for your home gym.

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