Ancora Punta Cana Private Residence Yacht Club and Marina

Updated: May 2023
Ancora Punta Cana Private Residence Yacht Club and Marina

Overview of the Project

Ancora Punta Cana is a residential/hotel property located in Cap Cana Marina, considered one of the largest and most luxurious marinas in the Caribbean. Surrounded by inland marinas on the Caribbean Sea, travelers can experience a luxurious resort time with ultimate service and facilities. The resort offers a total of 300 suites of different sizes, a variety of cuisines, things to do and amenities to its guests.


The Challenge

The property was considering replacing its HVAC system which originally consisted of water-cooled chillers. A new system was requested that would provide high system efficiency throughout the day even when the load changes between day/night and a low operating sound not to disturb the calm atmosphere. Another key consideration was to carry out the replacement without closing business.

Ancora Punta Cana


The Solution

Initially, two of another manufacturer's 400 tons chillers were considered, but Mitsubishi Electric made a last minute attempt by proposing the e-series as an ideal solution to the property's requirements. Having the industry leading efficiency was one of the main reasons the e-series became the final choice. Since guests are out enjoying the Caribbean Sea during the day and back at night, the cooling load differs largely between day and night. The e-series system can efficiently operate across different loads with optimum frequency control between modules. By simply connecting to M-NET, the frequency of the inverter compressor is automatically controlled to maximize the efficiency of the whole system. Also, the aspect of modular units minimizes the risk of downtime during replacement. The project was divided into two stages. Chillers were first replaced and connected to the primary pump system to supply cool water. Then, as a second step, the system was integrated with the secondary pump for optimal operation. The property owner also highly evaluated the simpler maintenance without a cooling tower and the low operating noise level, which was an important factor for the hotel and residential properties. Utilizing highly efficient components, the e-series achieves low operating noise. The e-series serves all the fan coil units and air handling units in the property’s facilities, which include 299 hotel rooms/residences, 7 restaurants, bars and fitness centers.

AE-200 Centralized Controller

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