Introducing kumo connect™, Exclusively for Diamond Contractors® and Ductless Pros

The kumo connect Program links you to your customer base and makes it easy for your customer to request service. kumo connect can help you grow your service business and develop a loyal and lasting relationship with your customer.

Key Features

Connect kumo cloud installations to your business

When you use your unique Contractor PIN, you are connected to the kumo systems you install. This connection gives your customer an easy way to contact you and helps build loyal customer relationships.

Grow your connection to your customers

Customers can request service appointments from within the kumo cloud app, making you their go-to HVAC expert. Maintenance alerts and service requests are synced with your contractor portal, so you’ll know when your customers need help.

How kumo connect Works

With the latest updates and features to the kumo cloud® app, you have the ability to connect with your customers within the app like never before.  And that connection is now linked to your contractor portal. Your enhanced customer connection offers new opportunities to grow your business.

Get Connected
  • You now have the ability to interact with your customers and it's as simple as typing in your company's 10 digit phone number - that's your contractor PIN.
Link to your customers
  • Open the kumo cloud app and go to settings, installer settings. Enter the 10 digit phone number as the installer PIN and the customer has your contact information and number to call when needed.
Avoid unnecessary service calls
  • Customer receives notification when filters and batteries need to be changed, and can view self-help articles to resolve these issues.
More information at your fingertips
  • When you receive a service request it will include a link to our service FAQ to help you understand the error message sent from the system and how to resolve the issue.
View service leads in your Contractor Portal
  • Service request will appear in your Contractor Portal where you can update lead status or open a service case.
Get started today!

If you are a Diamond Contractor® or Ductless Pro you are automatically enrolled in the kumo connect program. If you'd like to learn more about being a program contractor call customer care: 888-495-0283, or click below.