Mitsubishi Electric Diamond System Builder

This PC-based tool makes it easy to design residential and commercial systems with its equipment selection and system layout software. The program provides start-to-finish functionality from design and specification to installation and start-up documentation.



Provides functionality to support your system from design and specification through installation and start-up.

Project Specific Parameters

Input specific project parameters and the software will determine if adjusted heating and cooling capacities meet the required loads.

System Requirements

Built-in error indicators and safeguards make sure your designs don’t exceed system limitations, and assure line lengths, connected capacities, control schemes and more are within the system’s requirements.

Schematics Generation

Automatically generate AutoCAD schematics with wiring and piping diagrams to streamline the installation process.

Summary Sheet

Output a spreadsheet of your system to simplify project quoting and equipment list tracking.

Cloud-Based Workspace

Seamlessly save and share files across the DSB Cloud for effortless collaboration with other team members.

Additional Resources

Learn more about Diamond System Builder and how to get started.