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kumo cloud mobile app and web service puts enhanced control of your home’s cooling and heating right at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

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Manage your systems anytime and from anywhere using the kumo cloud app

Control 3rd Party Equipment

kumo station® interlocks third party equipment for staging supplemental heating, humidification, dehumidification and ventilation. Easy scheduling and control performed using kumo cloud app.

Auto Changeover

kumo cloud contains advanced logic to automatically change a multi-room system from cooling to heating and back based on comfort needs.


kumo cloud is now compatible with more Mitsubishi Electric systems, including M‑Series, P‑Series and CITY MULTI® VRF systems.

Wireless Router Compatibility

kumo cloud is compatible with most wireless routers, making it easier to integrate into existing wireless networks or switch to a new router.

Easy Setup

Intuitive initial settings and Bluetooth® pairing for easy M- and P-Series zone discovery make it simple to get kumo cloud up and running.

Simplified Programming

Easy-to-set scheduling features allow you to manage your system anytime, anywhere for the most efficient operation.

Ownership Transfer

It's easy to transfer ownership of your kumo cloud after initial setup so that future owners enjoy all of the advantages.

More Secure

Secure boot prevents unauthorized reprogramming of the Wireless Interface.

kumo cloud ACCESSORIES

kumo station

Adding kumo station to your kumo cloud system now permits you to control up to two stages of supplemental heating, humidification, dehumidification and ventilation equipment all from the app.

Wireless Temperature
and Humidity Sensor
for kumo cloud

Its small, compact design provides remote temperature and humidity sensing. This sensor uses Bluetooth Low Energy to provide a long service life.

Outdoor Air
Temperature Sensor

This device works with the kumo station to sense outdoor air ambient temperature.

IT Extender

Adding the IT Extender to the indoor unit CN105 connection extends the connection by 50 feet.

Wireless comfort control

kumo cloud provides remote and local control of a system through the mobile app. One Wireless Interface is required for each indoor unit. Internet access is required for set up.


All the tools
you need
to control your comfort

anytime, anywhere
comfort control

kumo cloud gives you the ability to effortlessly control your home’s comfort. Whether you’re out for the day or the month, whether you want to cool down, or warm up, kumo cloud gives you control from any smartphone or tablet.

Easy Setup for
System Zones

A trained HVAC professional installs a Wireless Interface for each indoor unit. The indoor unit is discovered allowing naming of each zone for identification, creation of groups for simple control and organization of multiple properties from within one user-friendly app.

Programs and Schedules

kumo cloud walks you through a five-step process to easily schedule the mode, set temperature and fan speed, for an individual zone or for several zones at once.

Check Filter

You never have to manually check a filter again. kumo cloud can tell you the status of any filter in your system at any time.

Using kumo station

Additional programming and control of supplemental heat sources, humidification, dehumidification and ventilation can also be performed using kumo cloud.

A few simple steps to comfort control


Check compatibility

Check the Compatibility Charts to see if the Wireless Interface is right for your system.

View Compatible Units

Install the system

Hire a licensed HVAC professional to install the Wireless Interface and pair it with your wireless router. (Internet access is required for app setup.)

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