Mitsubishi Electric Building Connect+

A cloud-based integration solution that seamlessly connects CITY MULTI® VRF and third-party equipment under one simple-to-use interface.

Cloud-Based Interface

A cloud-based integration platform and intuitive graphical interface allows for secure web connectivity and system access without the need for special tools or software programs by the installing contractor.


Schedule Management

Occupants will enjoy continuous total comfort and system efficiency through zone or individual unit custom scheduling functions.

Data management
& Trending

Optimize system performance through the use of cloud-based data access, trending, and analytics. User can monitor and analyze system performance to make adjustments when needed for maximized comfort and efficiency.

Dashboards & Notifications

Users are able to select equipment groups, data points, and graphical representations across multiple systems and locations.

User Management Hierarchy

Perfect for multi-family residential or light commercial applications, the user management feature provides flexible user accounts.


Alarm management with real-time notifications and event tracking allow owners and users to address alarms in a timely and efficient way.

Additional Resources

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