Diamond Contractors: The Heroes of Electrified Comfort

Updated: July 2023
Diamond Contractors: The Heroes of Electrified Comfort

Are you searching for a qualified, highly trained contractor to install or service your Mitsubishi Electric variable-capacity heat pump (VCHP)? Look no further. By working with a Diamond Contractor®, you’ll be working with a technician who’s deeply versed on our technology and equipped with the training to get the job done right.

What’s a Diamond Contractor?

Diamond Contractors are independent contractors in your community with the highest level of product training and accreditation from Mitsubishi Electric. Receiving the Diamond Contractor designation involves going through a multi-stage, hands-on course covering our equipment, technologies and installation best practices. As installation and maintenance specialists, these elite contractors learn continuously and stay up-to-date on our products as VCHP technology evolves.

Diamond Contractors invest significant time at our specialized training centers so they can deliver the comfort and high-quality heating and air conditioning you expect from Mitsubishi Electric.

Why should I hire a Diamond Contractor?

VCHPs have grown in popularity for their performance, efficiency and zoning benefits in recent years. While this advanced technology outperforms conventional heat pumps, your Diamond Contractor turns those VCHP benefits into superior comfort for your family.

Our Diamond Contractors know how to correctly size and install all ducted and ductless indoor unit options as well as any required ductwork. They can also offer you a longer than standard warranty and help you take advantage of utility rebates.

Did you say extended warranty?

If you’re having a VCHP system installed, a standard warranty with your average contractor might be five years for the parts and seven years for the compressor. However, Diamond Contractors are authorized to offer a 12-year product warranty, one of the best in the industry. You heard us right. Your system’s parts and compressor are warrantied for 12 years each as long as they’re installed in a single-family home and registered within 90 days of installation.

Okay, I’m sold. How do I find a local Diamond Contractor?

STEP 1: Contractor Search

Enter your zip code into the search field here find a participating Diamond Contractor near you.

STEP 2: Contractor Selection

Contact a contractor to schedule an in-home consultation to discuss your needs. They’ll provide you with a recommendation on the right Mitsubishi Electric VCHP solution for you.

STEP 3: Schedule a Consultation

Set up time with the contractor you selected to visit your home to perform a site survey, make a recommendation and provide an installation price quote.

STEP 4: Schedule Installation

Choose the contractor and solution you’re most comfortable with and schedule the installation.

Mitsubishi Electric’s innovative VCHP technologies are designed to enhance your home and your life. Our Diamond Contractors are specially trained to help those technologies deliver personalized comfort. Call a Diamond Contractor today and find the VCHP hero you’ve been waiting for.

To learn more about VCHP systems from Mitsubishi Electric, visit MitsubishiComfort.com.

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