October 2021
Industry News

Happy Energy Efficiency Day!

October 6 is Energy Efficiency Day: a collaborative effort organized by advocacy groups around the country, including the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), Advanced Energy EconomyAlliance to Save EnergyNatural Resources Defense Council, the Regional Energy Efficiency Organizations Network and many others.

Since the inaugural Energy Efficiency Day in 2016, the annual event has been supported by hundreds of prominent organizations, companies and government agencies.

You may know efficiency is the cheapest, quickest way to meet our energy needs, cut consumer bills and reduce pollution. But did you know energy efficiency is also an economic engine, supporting over two million jobs nationwide in manufacturing, construction and other fields, most of which can’t be outsourced overseas?

On October 6 we celebrate this special day of awareness while also recognizing how optimizing our energy processes for maximum efficiency is a year-long commitment. Read on to find out how Mitsubishi Electric makes energy efficiency a priority 365 days per year.

Energy Efficiency Saves Money 

Many homes around the country still feature inefficient central HVAC systems. Meanwhile, Mitsubishi Electric mini- and multi-split heat pump systems give homeowners the option of zoned comfort.

Mitsubishi Electric split-ductless systems can connect up to eight separate indoor units to each outdoor unit. You can have eight distinct rooms or zones, each with its own controller. If you’re not spending any time in your basement during the winter, why not keep it a little colder down there and save on your energy bill? Setting back or turning off units in infrequently used areas of your home helps reduce energy waste.

Energy Efficiency Reduces Pollution

Mitsubishi Electric systems are a great solution for your indoor environment and for the environment as a whole. Our all-electric heat-pump technologies contribute toward lowered carbon emissions and greater sustainability.

Fossil fuel vs. electric is no contest: variable-speed heat pumps are more efficient than the most advanced furnaces available today. The best fuel-burning furnaces are about 90 percent efficient, meaning 10 percent of every unit of energy going into operating the system is lost. High-efficiency variable-speed heat pumps can be 300 percent more efficient than gas-powered furnaces. Additionally, you’ll get peace of mind from knowing your home is free from fossil-fuel combustion.

Energy Efficiency Creates Jobs

How do these systems create jobs (specifically American jobs)?

The answer is simple. An army of local professionals and businesses stands behind every variable-speed heat pump in America. Though the base equipment comes from overseas, American workers design, distribute, purchase, install and service these products.

There are thousands of good-paying American jobs, both union and non-union, produced by the heat pump supply chain.

These jobs are local by necessity and can never be outsourced overseas. American entrepreneurialism and grit empower heat pumps from Mitsubishi Electric to deliver reliable, energy-efficient comfort for any home, anywhere.

We hope you’ll share your own energy success stories on October 6. Please remember to use the hashtag #EEDay2021 on all your online posts, and happy Energy Efficiency Day!