Project Profile: Victorian Home Renovation

Updated: May 2022
Project Profile: Victorian Home Renovation

Mini-split heat pumps are ideal for historical retrofits where maintaining the integrity of the home’s original structure is essential.

An Atlanta-based interior designer recently took on the renovation of her 158-year-old Queen Anne Victorian home. The nineteenth-century house boasted a lot of history, character and charm, but needed a modern heating and air-conditioning system to resolve comfort issues in the unconditioned second story. In deciding what type of solution best fit her family's needs, a few “must-haves” reigned supreme, including:

  • Efficient operation in all seasons
  • Seamless comfort control in each room
  • Low-profile aesthetic
  • No ductwork
  • Quiet operation

After comparing system types, the project team determined a Mitsubishi Electric mini-split heat pump system using our EZ FIT® Recessed Ceiling Cassettes checked all the boxes on the designer's wish list, delivering style and efficiency benefits in addition to superior comfort.

EZ FIT® - Form and Function

The EZ FIT Recessed Ceiling Cassette is a revolution in ductless design. The unit features a modern, sleek grille blending into any aesthetic. Installed flush to the ceiling, EZ FIT has automatic vane control for comfortable airflow.

“I appreciate home systems that allow a house to function efficiently while disappearing into the background,” explained the designer. “From a design standpoint, I love the unobtrusive nature of Mitsubishi Electric’s ceiling cassettes, the fact they were designed to easily install between ceiling joists, and the way they disappear into our original beadboard ceilings.”

Keeping the historical integrity of the home was important to the project team. The ability to install the units between standard ceiling joists and avoid additional construction was a key factor in the selection. The designer worked with a Diamond Contractor® to ensure installation went smoothly and secure the maximum warranty of 12 years.

Once the system was in place and operating for a few months, the designer and her family started reaping the efficiency benefits as well.

Efficient Operation in Every Room

“In purchasing our historic home, we knew basic utility costs could become exorbitantly expensive. As just two people living in a large house, we knew not every room needed to be kept at 70 degrees year-round,” explained the designer. “Our new system allows us to individually modulate each room, keeping a lightly used guest room at a different temperature setting than our primary bedroom.”

A touchscreen thermostat or remote controller paired with each cassette make for easy comfort control. The efficient ENERGY STAR®-certified units and quiet sound levels as low as 21 dB(A) let the couple sleep peacefully, knowing they’ll be comfortable and their utility costs minimized. The system ended up being the perfect solution with today’s high-performance heat pump technology modernizing the environment without changing the look and feel of the home.

To learn more about this Victorian home and the designer's experience with our M-Series systems, check out the blog here. If you’re interested in renovating your own space with a mini-split heat pump, find all our heating and air-conditioning solutions at

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