January 2022

Happy National Cut Your Energy Costs Day!

At Mitsubishi Electric, we’re in full support of your New Year’s Resolutions, whether you’re planning on improving your health, returning to a cherished hobby or lowering your golf handicap. We also suggest one additional resolution for your list: reduce your energy costs in 2022!

January 10th is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day. This is the day to learn about tips and tricks to save energy at home. Should we be making energy efficiency a priority every single day? Absolutely. January is the right time to establish your commitments for the next twelve months and set the tone for the whole rest of the year. Fortunately, in 2022, saving energy can also mean improving your comfort.

Here’s a great way to save on energy usage while making your home more comfortable: upgrade your old, inefficient heating and cooling system to an all-electric, high-performing heat pump system from Mitsubishi Electric! Switching to Mitsubishi Electric could save you a significant amount of money by the time next year’s National Cut Your Energy Costs Day rolls around.

Ditch the Long Duct Runs

Central air and other similar systems using long, complex duct runs are catch-all heating solutions lacking the precision of our systems. With central air, your vacant rooms get the same amount of energy and service as your favorite spots in the house. This inefficiency translates to a more expensive utility bill every month. Ductwork often runs through uninsulated spaces, leading to thermal heat loss. Not to mention, long ductwork makes more opportunities for air leaks, wasted energy and other complications with negative impacts on efficiency. In fact, older central systems experience an average 25 percent energy loss.

Our modular ducted solutions utilize shorter runs of duct to heat and cool your homes spaces. This approach is much more efficient than forcing air to make the long journey from a centralized blower.

Embrace Zoning

Mitsubishi Electric ductless and ducted systems use INVERTER-driven compressor technology to provide targeted temperature control. They constantly adjust to even the slightest temperature changes in the room by running continuously and ramping up and down as needed to provide the precise, real-time capacity needed to maintain your desired set point. This operation eliminates energy-wasting on/off cycling common with standard fixed-speed systems.

Most importantly, our heat-pump systems provide room-by-room comfort in the spaces you use most through zoning. One outdoor unit can connect to up to eight indoor units, each with their own set points and operation. Infrequently used zones can be kept off until they’re needed for valuable energy savings.

Get a Rebate

Energy-efficient Mitsubishi Electric systems often qualify for utility rebates. Reducing energy costs through efficiency and demand response programs is good for both customers and utilities (the utilities benefit from reducing energy consumption demand at peak times). Where you live determines the level of rebate you qualify for.

Many of our systems have earned ENERGY STAR® certification. According to the ENERGY STAR website, “Replacing your system with an ENERGY STAR certified model could cut your heating and cooling costs by up to 40 percent.” Your biggest savings might come from energy efficiency, but you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the rebates available for using ENERGY STAR certified products.

Do you want to be paying the same amount of money you’re paying now to heat your house on January 10, 2023? If the answer is no, we suggest checking out a Mitsubishi Electric system for your home’s heating and cooling needs. You’ll have a happier new year guaranteed!